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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Prediction: Knack 2 > Mario Odyssey

Knack 2:

Release Date: 09/05/2017
Genre: Action, Platformer
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: SIE Japan Studio
Platforms: PS4 & PS4 Pro
Latest Trailer:


Super Mario Odyssey:

Release Date: 10/27/2017
Genre: Platform
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo EPD
Platform: Switch
Latest Trailer:


Metacritic: Knack 2 (PS4 & PS4 Pro) > Mario Odyssey (Switch) 

This is a bold claim. Mario will certainly get an advantage being a long lasting popular IP. Plus development team has veterans making Mario games.

On the other hand SIE Japan Studio games didnt got high critical reception. But they are hiring God of War writer and many other to make it great. I think Knack 2 will beat Mario Odyssey critic wise.

Sales: Knack 2 (PS4 & PS4 Pro) > Mario Odyssey (Switch) 

This is no brainer. PS4 is the king of this generation. Plus Sony will push their first party game. So sales wise this will be a piece of cake for Knack 2. 

Graphics: Knack 2 (PS4 & PS4 Pro) > Mario Odyssey (Switch) 

From a technical perspective Knack 2 has already won the race. In terms of aesthetic of view Knack 2 will also win. Mario Odyssey featureS a cartoony art style. And Knack 2 uses an unique post war world filled with robots and goblins. This depends on peoples taste. But overall Knack 2 will win.


Discuss. I know VGC has a lot of Nintendo and Sony enthusiasts. So keep this civil.

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I am getting Ben Affleck vibes from this one.

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Yes , yes they have

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Super Mario Bros. 2 > Knack 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Super Mario Odyssey.

End of discussion.

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I agree with you 100%, and would probably kick an old man down a flight of stairs if you asked me to.

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That's a given.

Ahh I remember the whole Knack>Super Mario 3D World discussion back in 2013; guess this was bound to happen for Knack 2>Super Mario Odyssey. After playing Knack, game was beyond dull in gameplay and story was nothing exciting. The Sales and Reviews were in favor of Super Mario 3D world over Knack, so I believe the same will be said with SMO over Knack 2 from better reviews and better sales. In fact, I think Knack 2 may end up selling less than Knack. That's my bold prediction.

You know, this whole Knack thing isn't funny and it never was. It's sad really.

Mario Odyssey's looking at a reasonable life time minimum of 8 mil judging by past 3D mario games' sales performance, whereas Knack's first installment did below 2mil in terms of physical copy according to VGC, now the claim that K2 will beat MO in terms of sales seems a little unfounded.

The same goes for critics.

Graphics wise it makes sense that K2 knocks the ball out of the park compared to MO given the hardware advantage the PS4 has.