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How excited are you?

9/10 20 10.31%
10/10 53 27.32%
Woooooooooo- 15 7.73%
-ooooooooooo!!! 106 54.64%

Nah, I already have too many systems and not enough time.

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Radek said:

I have PC that is more powerful than PS4 Pro, but less powerful than Xbox One X, only GPU is slower though (GTX 970)

But I play my games in 1080p 60 high or 1440p 30 maxed.

Xbox has no exclusives over PC, so obviously no.

It's good value for those who like Xbox exclusives and most of the multiplats, but at the same time €500 sounds pricey for a console.


Technically speaking, if you have a PC faster than a PSPro and slower than an XBX but with a faster CPU, then you are most likely not missing out anything in terms of speed because...

1) There is basically no CPU difference between PSPro and XBX (as the same difference from PS4 vs XB1 carries over and XB1 needs CPU overhead for the 3 simultaneous OSs running thanks to hypervisor!).

2) XBX's GPU and RAM bandwidth are about 40% faster than PSPro BUT practically ALL games will be CPU bound. Try putting a 5 year old AMD APU with your gear and see how much a performance you really gain between the GPU equivalents. The potential gains will be roughly 10-40%, which is very difficult to notice unless you look for it. Remember the gap between PSPro and XB1 was similar but most games were NOT CPU bound with those GPU, which is now reversed, especially for XBX.

3) The resolution difference (900p vs 1080p) is hard to notice between XB1 and PS4 on a 1080p screen (unless it was a greater gap, as in 720p vs 1080p). The difference between PSPro vs XBX comes down (to the most extent) to the 1440p vs 1600p/1800p difference, which is, a) much less noticeable to begin with, b) matters only if you have a 4K TV, which most people do not have.

4) Your PC, with a much faster CPU, can pull up equivalently good graphics at 1440p at third party games. Only in Microsoft exclusives, you may notice a gap in favor of XBX, which is also possible on PSPro with regards to Sony exclusives, not necessarily because of sheer power, but development time, platform efficiency, and optimizations.

5) In short, for third party exclusives, your system will be as powerful as both PSPro and XBX, and only very few handful of games, it may lag to some extent (more likely compared to XBX), though may still outshine both in some games (especially more CPU bound ones).

Xbox One X (Scorpio) Prospects

Sales Estimations for 8th Generation Consoles

Next Gen Consoles Impressions and Estimates

Regional Analysis  (only MS and Sony Consoles)
Europe     => XB1 : 15-25 % vs PS4 : 75-85%
N. America => XB1 :  35-45% vs PS4 : 55-65%
Global     => XB1 :  24-33% vs PS4 : 67-76%

Don't have a 4K TV so getting one would be pretty pointless. I'm getting a X1 S though.



I preordered the Scorpio edition. This will be my first Xbox One. I see myself purchasing a 4k tv soon, and being a movie collector I anticipated needing a 4k blu-ray player.

I was one of the ones turned off by Xbox and Playstation with the weak consoles offered 3 3/4 years ago. I was really turned off by the Kinect being forced on you, 100 dollars more than PS4 for weaker performance. So I chose Playstation this go round.

I'm sold on the better performance, as well as the compatibility with a large portion of my 360 games.

I'm disappointed on the lack of launch titles.

If I keep this instead of selling it, I will purchase Forza, MCC, Halo 5, and Pub G.

I guess this will be my shooter and racing console, and Playstation will be my RPG, JRPG one. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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Dont have money but maybe latter at some point

Did not pre-order, will not be buying. I may get an XB1S at some point, but it'd only be for Sunset Overdrive and 4KBR. Other than that, there just isn't enough reason for someone who owns a PS4 and a PC to get an Xbox this generation.

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Chris Hu said:
Don't have a 4K TV so getting one would be pretty pointless. I'm getting a X1 S though.

on 1080p TV you will get super sampling and faster loading times.


Got my Scorpio edition from GameStop today and there were still a few left


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Microsoft is making same $500 mistake it did back in 2013 with 1st Xbox One against $400 PS4 and PS4 Pro now. And especially $300 Switch and Xbox One S and PS4 Slim which should be $200 each maybe with a game Black Friday. Parents will buy least expensive system for their kids this Christmas.

And today on Sony tweeted a tease of a big reveal that looked like a boxed system under a red sheet. Many are speculating a less expensive slimmer even more powerful PS4 Pro. Why didn't Sony tease this yesterday before Xbox One X pre-orders went up that still have not sold out as of Today?

I want an X but do not want to spend $500 now even with my Target employee and Red card discounts. I have an S, PS4 Pro, PSVR, and Switch anyway. Curious about Sony reveal.