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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which 8th Gen Game Is Your Favourite So Far? Mid 2017 Edition!


What platform is your favourite game on?

PS4 131 47.46%
Xbox One 12 4.35%
Wii U 19 6.88%
Switch 93 33.70%
3DS 15 5.43%
PS Vita 6 2.17%

Dying Light

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Still Infamous Second Son for me!

Barkley said:
caffeinade said:

It is a gen above the WiiU, which was a gen above the Wii.
The Wii was 7th gen, making the Switch 9th gen.

From a power perspective, it is a turbo 7th gen console (compared to PS360) or a lackluster 8th gen unit (compared to the twins).

If we based a generation on power then a high end computer (multi GPU) could be considered 9th, 10th or even 11th gen.
But they aren't.

We don't base a generation on power, it's based on it's peers in time.

Generations aren't based on a single manufacturers release schedule either, they're industry-wide generations. Switch is a new generation for Nintendo, but (7th,8th,9th) are industry-wide generations, thus the next-release equals +1 generation defintion doesn't apply.

Could the Switch spend the majority of it's lifespan prior to the release of a ps5/xbox 2?. Could the Switch's release date end up being closer to the PS4/XBO release date then the PS5/XB2... it's possible as well.

Hence the Switch is neither 8th or 9th gen, it's yet to be determined.

And even if that definition did apply, Switch would still be 8th gen on account of the fact that Nintendo have released 8 consoles so far starting from the 1st gen. They skipped 2nd gen, because like you said, it`s based on it`s peers rather than previous console +1.

For the most part it's going to be Breath of the Wild, and the rest are people who haven't played Breath of the Wild. Also,


Also, complaining about arbitrary generation numbers is silly. The concept of unified gaming generations is outdated and inaccurate anyway, and has been since at least the PS2 generation. We know when people say "8th gen" they mean current consoles.


But truth be told, this is actually the 7th home console generation for Nintendo, the 4th for Sony, and the 3rd for Microsoft. Calling this the 8th generation, and saying Wii and Switch are the same generation is as silly as the 2 mystery generations prior to the NES. Those oddball groupings of consoles on Wikipedia for generation 1 and 2 are mostly fabricated by video game journalists who really were just making shit up. They were likely trying to answer the question "were there generations before the NES" with conjecture, that isn't actually reflected within industry history. The concept of console generations began when Sega and Nintendo began marketing their 16-bit consoles, and the 8-bit generation was recognized as the first. Often Atari 2600 was lumped in as an 8-bit console, but not always, because Atari wasn't' significant by the time console generations became an established thing.

Either way, while PS4 competed with both Wii U and Switch, it doesn't mean it is of the same generation as either of them, and it doesn't mean Switch and Wii U are the same generation - this is logically impossible considering Switch is the generation after Wii U.

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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze followed by inFamous Second Son

I don't expect anything to beat either of them this year but we'll see

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You know what, it's not really my favourite, but I just wanted to give a shoutout to one game that I really enjoyed, that I'd consider to be pretty overlooked. That game is Pure Pool. I played it on the PS4 at my uncle's house, and man, did we enjoy the Hell out of it!! We played it for hours. It was a surprise too, because I was not expecting to get that much excitement at all out of it.

Hmm, not really sure to be honest, I'm still catching up with games, playing releases from 2014/2015, lol. Right now I'm playing The Witcher 3, two years late, I'm clocked in at almost 80 hours and have yet to finish the main story, let alone the two expansions since I have the GOTY Edition, lol.

I guess I'm not allowed to cheat and say the PS4 version of Final Fantasy X, right? :P

Bristow9091 said:
I guess I'm not allowed to cheat and say the PS4 version of Final Fantasy X, right? :P

Switch is considered 8th gen. in this thread, so really anything goes.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Still Infamous Second Son for me!

And still waiting for a sequel too :)