Which 8th Gen Game Is Your Favourite So Far? Mid 2017 Edition!

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What platform is your favourite game on?

PS4 131 47.46%
Xbox One 12 4.35%
Wii U 19 6.88%
Switch 93 33.70%
3DS 15 5.43%
PS Vita 6 2.17%

I have returned and it's been another year since I last asked and Nintendo Switch has come out since!

What is your favourite game now?

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Switch, BotW is GOTG for me right now...

I haven't played any game released in 2017 but based on what I see it's between Zelda or Nier. I also give Persona an honorable mention because how close it is to my daily life, well atleast the school part

A handheld gamer only (for now).

for now that's still Bloodborne

Breath of the Wild

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Exclusive? Bloodborne
All? The Witcher 3

Horizon Zero Dawn followed by Nier Automata

If Switch counts as 8th gen, it's BotW, followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Third place would go to ALBW on 3DS.

Yakuza 0, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Horizon and Undertale

Persona 5

Runner-ups for me would be Breath of the Wild and Overwatch.