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Gnoma what?  Source:  http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-14-why-sony-cancelled-ps4-exclusive-gnomageddon

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux2YRVokMGo

Gnomageddon was a free-to-play online action game developed by Sony San Diego and due out in 2017, but Sony let go the entire development team after its previous title flopped, video game journalist Liam Robertson reveals in a new Unseen64 video.

From the sounds of things, Gnomageddon would have played a bit like PopCap's third-person shooter spin-off Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, with a deathmatch mode and six classes of gnome.

The death of Gnomageddon came about after the failure of Kill Strain, a free-to-play shooter that ended up losing money after it launched in July 2016 to little fanfare. Sony shut Kill Strain's servers off just a year later.

Kill Strain was developed at the same portion of Sony San Diego that was also working on Gnomageddon (the other portion of the studio makes baseball video games). But Kill Strain was the priority, and Gnomageddon developers were drafted in to help the project after it struggled for direction.

According to Robertson's report, former developers accused Sony of failing to adequately promote Kill Strain, which led to a severe drop-off in players after launch. For a free-to-play game, this proved disastrous.

Gnomageddon, which had been in development for three years, fell by the wayside after Sony decided to lay off the portion of the studio that had made Kill Strain and was making Gnomageddon.

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Yeah I also forgot about a game called Kill Strain =p.

First Sony tries to be Steam and now they're trying to be EA. I hope they can achieve their ambitious goals.

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vivster said:
First Sony tries to be Steam and now they're trying to be EA. I hope they can achieve their ambitious goals.

With the closure of a few small studios and getting rid of SOE, its evident Sony's direction has changed. Although there have been some online projects like Drawn to Death, Tomorrow Children, Helldivers, all with varying degrees of success.

It was a reaction to popular online games but I think that market is flooded with enough content.

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Thankfully it got cancelled.

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I would rather see more single player games especially from japan studios.

Gravity rush 2 whas amazing.


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Not as bad as what they did to Zipper.

I think we can all live without this being in our lives.

LudicrousSpeed said:
Not as bad as what they did to Zipper.

eh, they werent exactly making money for Sony for  very long time. not surprising.


I do think it would be interesting if someone at the studio could make a clean plan to fashion these as SP/ co-op titles.


Its worth pointing out that SCE San Diego also had another game cancelled, Warriors Lair. As for throwing blame around, the studio is as responsible for the game going past its budget as Sony might be for not promoting the game. But honestly, Kill Strain looked kind of bad and having played the beta, it wasnt fun either.

Kill Strain had an immemorable title, ugly visuals, and gameplay that seemed to require lots of active players, not at all surprised it died. Wonder how Tomortow Children and Drawn to Death are doing. I do recall Sony putting quite a few videos for Kill Strain on their YT channel...