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If South Korea and Japan weren't a massive liability... I think Trump would launch a nuclear attack on the country without even thinking about it. Even if 24 million lives in North Korea were on the line



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Jumpin said:
If anyone is going to get North Korea to nuke the US, it's Trump.
Seriously the most inept politician democracy has come up with decades. The guy from Idiocracy seems like a more competent leader; at least prior to his presidency, as qualification, he actually WON a pro-wrestling championship.

Well excuse me, but I think that you're forgetting that Mr. Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer!!

Probably not going to happen. I hope it doesn't.

NobleTeam360 said:
Trump should call Kim fat, see what his response is.

have a plane fly by and drop fliers down to the people.

"Kim... dont know how to say this but.... you fat! ha!" - Trump

ofc it would need a photoshopped version of him looking really fat.

jason1637 said:
Probably not going to happen. I hope it doesn't.

Worse that ll probably happend is north korea launches nukes at south korea/japan, if america decides to invade or bomb them.

There could be millions and millions of deaths, but it probably wont kick off a world world or anything like it.

Would still suck, so yeah I hope it doesnt happend.

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I really hope not. As much as I don't like Kim, there are millions of innocent lives on the line. It's not worth it.

The good thing is, Kim will certainly die. The question is wether through a foreign bomb or of old age.

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bigjon said:
so many uninformed responses on this thread.

Kim says shit like this because it is one of the tools he uses to control his own people and look strong internally. I doubt he has any intention of carrying it out. He did not grow up in isolation like the rest of the people in his country did. He knows if he has any chance of survival in any conflict he cannot look like the bad guy. He knows if the US looks to be the aggressor China will pledge their support to him which would likely cause us to de-escalate.

If he goes and nuke something in response to an insult NO ONE will support them and once China backs out he is done.


VGPolyglot said:
I give this a 1% chance of happening.


jason1637 said:
Probably not going to happen. I hope it doesn't.

We're fucked.

Chinese food for breakfast


OMG! End of the world!

Lol, my god people are sure impressionable and scare easily..


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My god, some people really do believe his bluff. NK's leadership isn't stupid - it is doing everything it can to survive. They want Trump to respond to what they're doing, but they know how far they can push. But alas, some people scare easily. Remember after 9/11 when everyone wanted to bomb the sh!t out of the Middle East (Howard Stern said it), then later on the population turned around and said "oh, killing is bad... don't kill!". Once things pass, people realize that their response is over the top most of the time. 


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