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Rem87919394 said:
Nautilus said:

Yes, my preference is in the minority, so what?Thats the whole point Im trying to prove.I pointed out the game metascore to show that a game that is both linear and turn based can be an amazing experience, not that it would mean greater sales.Linearity and a turn based battle system works in favor of P5 and its the superior choice for the game over an open world game, even if its an "unpopular" choice.

Skyrim, while I have never played the game, must be an awesome game.The open world nature works for it most likely because the game was built around it.The design had the open world nature of the game in mind.And thats why it works.The same way that linearity works for P5 because it was built with that in mind.Thats what I meant in the sense that its not a dick measuring contest.Each has its own potential weakness and strenght, and each has its sales target to reach.

As for the success, its not measured exclusively in sales.A game can be extremely successful in its own right, and depending on how much its budget is, the sales for it to be considered a success varies greatly.For Skyrim to have been successful, for example, a sales of a minimum of 4 millions would have been needed(just giving a random number to give a point), simply because its budget was way higher(more staff, more time making the game, etc).As for P5, a sales of a minimum of, lets say, 1 million would have been enough to call the game a success, because it has a smaller budget in mind.Its all really relative.

Once you said you haven't even played Skyrim your opinion went from barely making any sense to not making any sense at all. How can you talk about its story line, etc without playing it? I've actually played both extensively and beaten both. There's no real reason to play Persona after beating it. Where as Skyrim, you can easily play 100 hours without beating the main quest. Skyrim was a blockbuster success. Persona 5 isn't. Face it, the jrpgs market is shrinking outside of Japan. Btw I loved Persona 5 but it's not a game you keep coming back to.

How come the market for JRPGs outside of Japan is shrinking if it sells the most worldwide, and not in Japan?Nier, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Persona, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, and many, many more are all JRPGs and they have all sold splendidly and the most by far outside of Japan.There is no shrinking anywhere.What are you confusing about is a genre being more mainstream than another one.Western RPGs are, for the large part, more popular than other kinds of RPGs, and thats fine.But its beyond silly to say that, just because Elder Scrolls is a monster of a franchise, anything that dosent sell close to it is not successful or its niche.

I never played Skyrim, but I have played a myriad of western like RPGs, and thats where my point comes from.The kmind of game that Persona tries to be wouldnt work on an open world design, the same as Skyrim, or the likes of that game, wouldnt work for Persona 5, because it would muddle and dillute what the game is trying to do.I dont understand why you keep trying to make this a contest of what game is better when this is not what im trying to say or argumenting about.Its about design philosofies.You may not like what P5 does, but saying that it is lackluster just because you cant go wherever you want or that you dont have "choices", in whatever way you meant that, is ridiculous.

Also having replayability or not is nowhere a measure of how good a game is.Its actually kind of pointless to bring that up as a measurement of how good a game is or how memorable it is.For me and probably alot of people replayability means nothing in a game that, if you are playing on a decent difficulty and trying to do everything you can do, takes well more than 100 hours to finish,is much more fulfilling than a game that finishes in 30 but you can "replay" it just because you can unlock different dialogue options that brings nothing really new to the table.

At the end of the day, we are just discussing different tastes that we have in gaming, something that goes from person to person and can never trully reach a concenssus.Cant we just be happy that a historically (somewhat) niche franchises manages to sell what is pratically 2 million units and will sell more lifetime?(and thus making it no longer niche)

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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Just another case that proves internet hype means shit.

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So maybe 2.2M by end of the year, pretty good for basically all worf of mouf marketing

It would've sold a lot more if they activated the share functionality and let it flood social media though.

Shikamo said:

Gratulation @ JRPG-Masterpiece PERSONA 5! Best Story/Characters/JRPG this year. Amazing sales figures !!!!

The best summer of all time, for all GAMER:
"The Last of Us 2" in June, "Ghost of Tsushima" in July !!
2020-Game of the Year, currently: Persona 5 Royal, FF7 Remake

You are doing it wrong Sega, you shouldn't be announcing the stupid shipment numbers.

I'm going to lose the bet at this rate!

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1.8 million shipped is a lot of numbers already.
Some of the comments here is meh worthy.

This might end up at 3 Million when the price starts to drop at $30. There are sill a lot of people waiting for that magic number before purchasing.

Best JRPG of Generation ; )

The best summer of all time, for all GAMER:
"The Last of Us 2" in June, "Ghost of Tsushima" in July !!
2020-Game of the Year, currently: Persona 5 Royal, FF7 Remake

Good, very good! I want the series to continue.

I tried to play this game, as it gets so much run here on VGC. But, it was too weird for me. I wasn't offended, or anything like that. I just didn't really get it.

I wonder if the anime will give this game a boost in sales.

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