What would you rather lose, your sight, hearing, or penis?

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What would you rather lose?

I'd rather lose my eyes,... 19 4.56%
I'd rather lose my ears,... 166 39.81%
I'd rather lose my penis... 232 55.64%

This is inspired by the one eye or both ears thread. I wanted to take it down a notch. Which of the following three would you rather lose?

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That is a hard one...hmmmmmm...

Gonna have to go with hearing on this one. At least that way I can still play games and see the woman I am having sex with.

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Well to be honest my penis. I can imagine living without it not a verry happy tought but still. Being deaf or blind for the rest of my live would be an absolute horror for me. So I made the impopular choice of losing my penis.

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After googling that you can drive whilst deaf then I would glady lose my hearing.


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Take my weenie. I can live without that. Besides, there will come a point where your weenie no longer works. I'd rather be able to hear music and since I'm an artist...I kind of need to see. Taking away either of the two cripples you so much compared to your penis which just pleases your flesh and makes babies. For those who want children I guess you can't say penis unless you want a surrogate thing going on. I'm at the point where I feel I'd be too much of a coward to have kids so yeah...that's my reasoning. 

Also if my penis was gone, I could quit fapping and get more stuff done with my life.

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Probably hearing since we do have speech to text


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None. And if that's not an option, I'll make it one now.

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You guys are nuts if you value the ability to masturbate and have sex over your hearing.

No fourth option? :P

This is a tough one. I guess I can live without hearing. The other two, not so much.