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The Evil Within 45 39.82%
RE 7 68 60.18%

both are good

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Until dawn is fantastic and is currently free on PSN if that helps

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TEW is better at everything. Never play RE7.

RE7 is more polished and an actual survival horror game. In the Evil Within Horror is just an idea.

RE7 will always make you feel vulnerable. Even when it devolves into a Resident Evil game in the late parts of the game it actually feels cathartic and gives a great sense of relief.

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Neither. Resident Evil 2.

Nogamez said:
Until dawn is fantastic and is currently free on PSN if that helps

Meh. It's the furthest thing from scary or survival horror. It's just a load of boring jump scares and QTE's and hold the controller still (place on table) yes I finished it. Can look up my trophies. Kept everyone but Josh alive. Regardless it's not survival horror as you choose who dies really. First half of it not even that really. Not once in Until Dawn did I flinch.  Every single jumpscare I was expecting and no never seen anything from the game before just it's really predictable.

Same question a friend asked me 

And my answer is Psycho Break


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Wow, thanks for the input guys. I'll probably pick RE7 and then The Evil Within some time after. I might try Fatal Frame Wii U too.

AlfredoTurkey said:
Neither. Resident Evil 2.

I would wait for the remake