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Which IP?

Custom Robo 9 1.84%
F-Zero 152 31.08%
The Legendary Starfy 11 2.25%
Mother 86 17.59%
Advance Wars 87 17.79%
Paper Mario RPG (heh) 72 14.72%
Other 72 14.72%

Mother, F Zero, Advance Wars out of those above.

I'd love to see all those series, plus Star Tropics, Wave Race, 1080, Golden Sun and Endless Ocean return on Switch, to add more diversity to the software line-up.

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Eternal Darkness and Hotel Dusk, those are the ones that I miss the most.

If the answer isn't F Zero, it's wrong...

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    Balloon Fight and Ice Climbers, RIP.

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    For me, it's Advance Wars. The 3DS could have used one, and the Wii U needed one.

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    You can never count those Nintendo franchises as dead because Nintendo doesn't seem to see things that way. (See Punchout). Although i don't know the circumstances Mother/Earthbound finished in, i can definitely see most of those franchises being brought back in the next few years. Switch is the perfect platform for many of them, unifying handheld and home consoles and if Nintendo try to give it along life they are going to need their franchises. Lots of them. Especially if Switch continues to be successful over a long period. I can see most if not all of those games mentioned appear on the Switch at some time in some iteration. Only 1 i'm not sure of is Mother/Earthbound. Does Itoi have any sway at Nintendo now?

    It's surprising how many people don't realize F-Zero kind of sucked.

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    Mario Kart 8 truly killed F-Zero for good. We need to accept that, grieve a litle and then move on.

    Advance wars... and to think that when i saw the 3DS announcement, the 1st game that came to mind was advance wars :(


    GX is the pinnacle of racing games to me. As much as I enjoy kart racers and simulators, GX provided me with the most fun I've had racing and some frustrating moments. I'll say it again, the F-Zero Universe has so much potential to expand into other genres. They created 30+ characters with a personality of their own, just imagine...

    I also hold Custom Robo, Glory of Heracles, The Legendary Starfy, Wave Race, and 1080 Snowboarding dearly.