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Are you still using last gen consoles?

Nope I've moved on to PS4, X1 or Switch. 105 25.80%
I still use my ps3 often. 164 40.29%
I still use my 360 often. 20 4.91%
I still use my Wii often. 40 9.83%
I still use all last gen often. 46 11.30%
See results. 32 7.86%

Finally packed my ps3 away last month and now moved to ps4, ps3 was a great console.

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I'm basically done with the PS3, The last games I was playing were Yakuza 5 and EDF 2025. I finished Yakuza 5 on April 20, and decided to abandon the plat chase. EDF 2025 is a wildly inferior version of EDF 4.1 on the PS4. I have both, but the online portion of EDF 2025 is critically broken. I did put 200 hours into it, but I hope I'm never bored/desperate enough to try it again. Onwards and upwards.

Edit - I do want to restart and finish FF XII-2 some day. Bailed on my initial playthrough after being over 40 hours in because I fucked up my character builds ROYAL.

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Not me, since it was the worst gen ever. I prefer other gens and this gen, but not last gen.

I don't sell my consoles, so i play it when i want it yeah.

Same for super nes, playstation 1 or others.

My PS3 is still set up right beside my PS4 Pro, and I still have quite a few games in my backlog that I need to finish, last time I played it was in May, planning on playing another PS3 game when I'm done with my current game

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I still use my Wii and PS3 pretty regularly. Recently I've been chipping away at the Metroid Prime and Mass Effect Trilogies on those systems.

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I still use my PS3 from time to time, and once im done with the Must Play games of this year im going back to it to play Trials of Cold Steel 2, plus many other games i bought and havent played yet like Disgaea D2, Tales of Xillia 2 among others.

I gave my Wii away since most of my good GameCube games have been rereleased for other consoles. I still use my WiiU all the time. I don't really play Wii games on it, though.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures

I play older games occasionally. Sometimes like to go back and revisit PS3, but it can be hard to find time.

think-man said:
BraLoD said:
Yes, and I'll be jumping from my PS4 to my PS3 regularly in the following years as well.

Yeah I saw you on the ps3 last time I fired it up. 

Will probably buy more PS3 games than PS4 games this year.

Will also be playing PS1 games on PS3 and PS2 games on PS4.

Just too many games to play, lol, will probably still have PS1 and up games to play when I'll be playing PS6 games in the future xP