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Will you buy it/have you bought it?

Yes 75 72.12%
No 19 18.27%
See results 10 9.62%
RolStoppable said:
mZuzek said:

It was still too easy, and no, the game never implies it's supposed to be the first. Mostly every time either the dungeons, champions, bosses or even areas are mentioned, it's in a different order. It's clear there is a difficulty order (NW > E > N > SW), but the game never tells you to do it that way, if anything most people do it counter-clockwise starting from the Eastern one.

It only seems so easy because most people complete another area first.

The game doesn't tell you the order, but it is the order in which events are listed in the menu.

...which I believe is different from the order that appears on the loading screen, or the order Impa tells you about, or the order King Rhoam talks about them in the cutscene, etc.

Either way, no. It is indeed way easier than the other ones. Getting to Rito Village has no challenge whatsoever (just getting past the drones on the way there from Central Hyrule, whoa, big deal), from there the quest to the Divine Beast can take under 10 minutes and only involves one ridiculously easy trial and an also ridiculously easy approach to Medoh, and then the dungeon itself is so easy most people I know did it in 15-20 minutes too. The mechanics are cool, but with the paraglider and the 30-degree turns it's just too easy to break the puzzles.

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Hynad said:

Ha ha. When I start a game where exploration is completely left to my choosing, I always go right first.

So yes, I started with the Zoras.

Most people did in BOTW because it's the first direction you're pointed to go because of Kakariko Village but rather then turn around and explore people just carried on going I ended up doing the Zora's first as a result but I kind of agree with Rol, I found the area easy because I had already been elsewhere first.

Going by the poll most people are buying it which is what I figured of course but it's good to know for sure that I am in the minority on this. I might be down on this DLC but my positive spin on it is that they're waiting until the next game to fix things, my same wishful thinking with MK8D.

Did they explain what's on this DLC?

idk, I like the sounds of the content and I'm excited for it to release. *shrugs*

I like the new enemies, costumes, mask to find those damn seeds, etc.
I'm really looking forward to the larger DLC that includes a new area plus dungeon. That is really where the value comes from for the DLC price of $20.

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pokoko said:
monocle_layton said:
Is there really a point in complaining? Even if you skip it, you got 100+ hours of gameplay from a $60 game. That's amazing

That's never a reason not to tell a company what you think about their products.  It's like saying no one should have expressed their feelings about horse armor because Oblivion was a great game.  If you don't draw a line then they'll keep going further and further across it.

Is anyone actually telling the company or are they complaining in a forum that Nintendo will never see?

mZuzek said:
Einsam_Delphin said:

Gonna be straight up here, the DLC sucks. Doesn't add to the best thing about the game (exploration) and instead focuses on the average parts (combat). This would be like Splatoon getting DLC but only for it's storymode... oh right, they're also doing story DLC despite having the worst story in a Zelda game, let alone in general. It's $20 which isn't a bad price but the content just isn't good enough especially when Nintendo has so many games on the horizon, so I'm skipping out on this.

I agree with everything you said except the bold part (which was a whole bunch of bullshit).

But if you agree that he was being straight up, wouldn't that mean that the rest couldn't be bullshit? Unless he's not being straight up, and bullshitting, which would mean that you'd disagree with the unbolded part, too.

Hiku said:

Did they explain what's on this DLC?

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I loved the combat in the game, and although the story could have been better, a newer chapter doesn't hurt.
Also, the fact the Trial Cave thingy is similar to Eventide makes it much cooler.

Slarvax said:
Hiku said:

Did they explain what's on this DLC?

Well that's vague. I wanna know if Zelda will be playable. If so, it's a DLC I'd buy.