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Rate the Xbox Press Conference One-10

One 148 12.95%
2 49 4.29%
3 85 7.44%
4 107 9.36%
5 199 17.41%
6 214 18.72%
7 178 15.57%
8 92 8.05%
9 34 2.97%
10 37 3.24%


Good games, but it didn't blow me away. Won't buy the X, I already have the standard console, so no need for that.

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It was a good show for people who already own a Xbox I guess.

“It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.”

- George Orwell, ‘1984’


Papa Phil mentioned Crimson Skies. The score cannot be lower than 9/10 :)

When the press conference start i say i know it!! 4k blah blah blah, fair enough most people don't have 4k tv don't know it

Then they start the first lie, 2013 they say was the year of 1080P resolution. when they ever hit that 3 years now?
Then they start with more blah blah blah on console specs that we alrady know

Finally we have forza awesome.......nope..... we have the new car porche that is here for the first time......
Gameplay?..... nope quite, it was two womens that was pro something.... and pretend to play.
Of course once again was not reall gameplay. Anyway Forza is always beautiful game and now has live change weather BUT that we have see on drive club years now...

I scream loud when i show the metro, one of my favorite games, the last night was amazing

And after, they start the lies again! A voice say ''exclusive", on video was "console launch exclusive"! wtf? why the not say like Sony, Console debut? again (another fiasco like tomb raider!) And that was all the time!

Crackdown.... omg that graphics, looks his face.... omg... wait.... its a real person.. not in game....gameplay? nope....never. They don't show gameplay from a game that we wait 2 years now wtf

sea of thieves it looks nice i like games with ocean but the gameplay is not for me

The zombie game was a more dramatic day z? and people call genric zombie game the days gone? yeah right

cup head 4k minecraft, omg we now can count those pixels with 4k resolution..... literally

After the show was going to an and, i was say they can't be, this nonsense conference that almost manage to be worst than the number one worst E3 every yearrs EA's, they must announce, xbonexxx availble now at 399 or even less !

The way that the not even show the price and quick skip it it was the hilarious moment the same reaction like 3 years before

I give 10/10 because the guy that was scream (no the black the other guy) he wake me up and make me to not lose the rest of the show

Mass efect athem please bioware let as have sex with those big apes

I like the xbonexxx is but not for 499 in the mindle of this gen to only get some boost on old  games. The same goes  the ps4 pro 

Now MS has give tons of money to Digital foundry to tells us how xbonexxx is so remarkable. They don't have other way to cover those months because we already forget all the MS E3

Is not surpise me if they turn 360 again and change the price



6/10. Not awful and Ori looks awesome, but just can't get too stoked about much else.

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5/10. Not awful and Ori looks awesome, but just can't get too stoked about much else. Most importantly, Xbox One X pitch wasn't too convincing. I just see very few people having much reason to shell out $500 on one. 

1 point for Metro exodus

1 point for Xbox OG BC

0.1 point for the Crackdown trailer 3 reviving the Xbox-dudebro-meme

0 for everything else


fielding88 said:
4. I couldn't believe how disappointed i was in this conference. I wasn't even really expecting much, and i enjoyed most of their others this generation. But many games looked similarly dull, or dated (state of decay and sea of thieves felt sparse, especially in comparison to Anthem).

And what actually pissed me off the most was the "Xbox console launch exclusive" thing. What does that even mean? Why change the phrasing from "first on Xbox?" And the worst part was that the voice-over only read the word "exclusive" out loud.

To fool all the blind gamers who can only rely on their hearing of course.

7/10 for me liking the line up they've shown but wish their was more. I gave an extra half a point as well for reavling life is strange: before the storm.

Azzanation said:

You're easily pleased lol 😊