Shenmue 3 Delayed to the second half of 2018

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A delay is certainly better then releasing a mess. Actually the first time I've heard of shenmue since last year's e3. Flown under the radar.

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Considering this is a small team making a relatively big game, it's to be expected. Rather they take their time and not rush it.

anyone suprised? I expected this to come out in late 2018, when they announced it for late 2017.

So yes, im not worried or suprised, atleast the developers are working on it , right?!

oh dear, kickstarter... haha

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Expected. I wouldn't surprised if it gets delayed again to 2019.

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Fine with me. Even better if the rumored HD remasters come out early next year, so people can get to know the forklift action ahead of time.

(Think I'm gonna start calling the week before E3 'D3,' as it seems to be the time to announce or suggest delays.)

I think it'll be delayed a few times, especially developing it for two very different platforms. Isn't it also on PC?

I didn't even know it was planned for the first half of 2018, and I backed the darn thing. I just kind of assumed it was in the latter part of the year.

Make the delay but make the game good. Take your time if you need it.

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piopakk said:
Better for Sony that this delay is out in the open now, before handling it at E3.

they already said they wouldnt be at e3 so this whether the delay is now or later wouldnt really affect Sony much (unless there is a trailer at the event)