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Forums - Sales Discussion - How Much Will Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Sell?

Here's how previous third versions/sequels did;

Yellow - 14.60 million 
Crystal - 6.40 million
Emerald - 6.40 million 
Platinum - 7.70 million 

Black 2/White 2 - 8.00 million 

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11 million.

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8 million, my prediction

6-8 million

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Around 10 million.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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around 8 million is my guess

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I'd say 10 million thanks to Pokémon Go, but 8 million would be the safest bet.

8-10 million

Less than 7.72m on 3DS. Worst selling Pokemon since the DS. No I'm not salty

7-8 million. More than it deserves. Yes, I'm salty.