Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which game looks better: Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn?

Which game looks better ???

Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End 69 33.33%
Horizon Zero Dawn 56 27.05%
Both games,same graphic-level 24 11.59%
Its really hard to say. 23 11.11%
see results 35 16.91%

Horizon is graphically more impressive for what it is. But Uncharted 4 beats it on most sections. Uncharted 4 is on rails and that allows Uncharted to look vastly superior to Horizon in most sections. The details on the rocks and the vegetation which isn't always fully intact and arguably better enemy and player design in general. Horizon does however look miles beyond any open world rpg on PS4, especially when you put it next to Fallout 4, Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Also the water in Horizon is kind of meh.

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to me Uncharted 4 looks better, but its a matter of opinion, I wouldn't blame someone if the picked Horizon over Uncharted.

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Hmm, I'd need to see some side-by-side comparisons before making my decision.




Really good question. Haven't played uncharted this year but I played Horizon recently and it looked mind blowing. I'd need to play uncharted 4 again to properly compare.

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Uncharted 4.
IMO what Horizon achieves on its scope is incredible, but on pure terms of what looks best it's Uncharted 4, human models are on a complete different level and attention to detail is bigger there as well.

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uncharted 4 looks better but horizon is open world. Cool.


Uncharted has the detail and polish but Horizon has the scale and density. Hard to say which is more technically impressive.

Not really a fair comparison, given how different the two games are. They are each beautiful, and each do different things well. So....hard to say.