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Only thing I liked about the conference is A Way Out. So I give it overall a 4.5/10 because most of the rest was cringey..

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that was one poor conference.

Im all for ppl introducing and talking about games, if they can actually do it. Seemed like no one at this conference could.

It is a step up from their dumb looking at studio vids, with more focus on the actual games. But even some of the games felt flat.

That was one of the worst conferences I have ever seen. It was even worse than Microsoft 2013. That one was horrible, but at least entertaining, you couldn' believe what you were seeing, it was like a horror movie. But this shit right here was just boring as fuck. Seriously.

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God so much scripted stuff that I felt embarressed just by looking at it.

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EA conferences every single time : " i was not expecting it to be decent and they still dissapointed "

Boring as fuck, again i started sleeping during it. Fucking youtubers, cringe as fuck. EA wants the youtubers in the pocket cause they are easy to bribe like all those fuckers doing damage control for mass effect andromeda months ago.

Nothing for me and that lame teaser from Bioware was terrible, so sad to see my favourite studio die like this... Looked like the retard child of a titanfall and destiny game... Oh Bioware ...

Sony save us pls from these shit conferences...


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Nothing EA releases is of interest to me, save Star Wars, so I just watched that trailer rather than suffer through a shit conference. (Battlefront 2 looks hype, even with prequel stink attached.)

Complete snooze fest. Fortunately, I was not home to watch it live, but I feel bad for those that did.