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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sexiest Nintendo girl?


Who is the sexiest Nintendo girl?

Samus 273 48.06%
Krystal 15 2.64%
Twintelle 67 11.80%
Tharja 115 20.25%
Candy Kong 19 3.35%
Urbosa 21 3.70%
Other (Please specify) 58 10.21%

Looking back I've noticed that, despite the family-friendly image they try so hard to protect, Nintendo has given us some surprisingly sexy girls. Here's the run down on them.

Samus Aran:



Candy Kong:



And most recently Twintelle:

I believe Twintelle may be the sexiest Nintendo girl to ever exist. Who here agrees?

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No inkling?

LivingMetal the thread.

Oh no...

mysteryman said:
No inkling?

Dude! She's clearly a minor!

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Gardevoir, obviously.

CaptainExplosion said:
mysteryman said:
No inkling?

Dude! She's clearly a minor!

You know you have animals as options as well, right?

I think you have to figure in personality as well as physical appearance.

Does Bayonetta count? If she does, she wins hands down for me. She's so confident and badass, and of course a physical knockout too.

Samus is up there too, as well. Kicking space pirate butt and taking names. Independent, intelligent, sometimes ruthless.

Does Joanna Dark count? She'd be up there also.

mysteryman said:
No inkling?

She's too young, man! At least Carie and Malie the squid sisters are hot.

Alexandra Roivas should be an option as well!