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Forums - General Discussion - Yuri / Shoujo ai / Girls love Appreciation Thread

As the title implies, this is a thread for you to share your love or liking for female x female relationships, from any media: videogames, cartoons/anime, comics/manga, books, tv shows, etc.

Post anything you like: pictures, videos, maybe even why you like a particular pair.

Everything from the not yet canon:

The canons:

And to the most legendary:

Just have fun and share!

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Hmm. I don't think I have any SFW ones! But I guess I'll post this to tag it!

But nanoha is straight Kappa


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Very nice topic for your first thread I must say

Aside from the ones in the OP this are some of my favorites:






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pokoko said:


Ayano won't be too happy with that.

My favorite from Yuru Yuri are Nana and Rise, they are too cute

I feel like we had one of those threads before.

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Just tagging along...

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Definitely appreciate me some of this.