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Who is the worst modern day AAA videogame publisher?

Konami 142 25.96%
EA 208 38.03%
Activision 76 13.89%
Ubisoft 79 14.44%
Other (please specify) 42 7.68%

Get your pitchforks out. This is a thread for people to vent.

Anyway, I'd have to say Konami by a wide margin. Say what you will about Capcom, they're slowly starting to turn things around. RE7 was just released to widespread acclaim (and rightfully so because it's a damn good game), MvC:I looks good, REmake 2 is in the works, and it's very possible DMC5 will finally be announced sometime later this year (Hideaki Itsuno teased a new game reveal in 2017, very likely DMC5 or Dragon's Dogma 2). Square-Enix has also made a few headscratchers over the last couple of years, but then they started doing good things again (the Avengers Project being a huge one). What has Konami done besides royally fuck up over the last 2 years?

Between their holding beloved IPs hostage in favor of pachinko machines, mistreatment of staff, blacklisting Kojima, butchering The Phantom Pain's story, turning TPP into a microtransactioned mess, cancelling one of the most hyped survival horror games in years (Silent Hills), scamming Steam PES players with a last gen port using PS4/Xbox One visuals in advertising (that's fucking illegal), turning Metal Gear into a generic survival zombie game (Metal Gear Left 4 Dead, err, I mean Survive), releasing a $50 budget game with offline lag (Super Bomberman R), etc., no company has done more to make me revile them in such a short span than Konami. Seriously, can anyone name a single thing they did that WASN'T a gigantic middle finger to gamers everywhere since 2015?

In the legendary words of Jim Sterling, "Konami is Konami and Konami is the worst." Or, to quote GDT and the words of millions, "#FucKonami." 

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Still the king of releasing broken games.




Take your pick imho.

Konami has fucked up good but they can still come back, as incredibly unlikely as that might be.

IMO they're still ways off from EA...

Ask me after E3

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

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Activision, followed closely by EA and Konami


Konami is number one in crappiness. It's about a tie between WB, Ubisoft, and EA for second. EA has been kind of shaping up lately but we'll have to see if it lasts. Ubisoft is just as disingenuous and dishonest as ever. And I don't think WB's tomfoolery needs any explaining.

Konami should probably be disqualified, since they haven't published a AAA game in like 2 years.

the_dengle said:
Konami should probably be disqualified, since they haven't published a AAA game in like 2 years.

There's a very specific, anti-consumer reason for that: they're holding all their IPs hostage and slapping them on whorehouse slot machines. Well, except Bomberman, and they fucked that up. And Metal Gear, which they REALLY fucked up, the dislikes on the MGS trailer don't lie: 

Hell, they wasted their one chance to win back disillusioned fans on a MGS3 pachinko machine as opposed to a Fox Engine remake on consoles, giving us this generic L4D wannabe (something Metal Gear should NEVER be) instead because, reasons.