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COKTOE said:
Nautilus said:

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Naum said:
I hope not, I dont need another PS4/X1.

I hear this a lot , it makes it sound like,having a nintendo console with similar specs to the other two would somehow allow nintendo games to be diminished N64 had plenty of power for it's time and that wasn't a handicap to great first party, and if some think  it was, why then increase performance at all .

we all know there was a variety of reasons why Nintendo lost a lot of it's 3rd party following and with the present triumverate of console makers not going anywhere  for the immediate future, it may seem to some people to be such a  large impediment to becoming first choice console , that just be first party is fine.

All I can say is diversity is good and adding growth through 3rd party numbers while still trying to grow your own product is a good thing ,now garnering additional 3rd party support isn't some kind of instant panacea but it can add to the mix.

We have seen apart from the Wii ,where the base line for Nintendo Ist party home consoles sits, these numbers and the encroachment from IOS on portable gaming not Sony is the reason we have the Switch .

twintail said:
Nautilus said:

It had cross gen titles, and those wernt the ones that made the PS4 break sales records.It was the promise of great titles comming, coupled with the screw ups of the other two that made the PS4 so successful the first year.(good launch price and good concept is also there, but that every console should have at launch)

Something like that I cant really prove, but the moment that the system is consistenly selling out for two months straight on most regions, coupled with comments on forums like VGC and youtube videos saying that they are interested in a Nintendo console after a while, it stands to reason that the ones buying the Switch is not only Nintendo fans.I mean, every console launch sales is made up more by the company fans than other consumers, but saying that the sales is being driven solely by them is wrong.It was most certainly true for the PS4, it will be no different for the Switch.

If you compare to the PS4, sure.The PS4 got its diversity and quantity solely on the third party games, and Nitendo dosent have that privelege.Having said that, the effort that is being made on the Switch is this rega5rd compared to last gen is simply much higher than it was.In terms of AAA first party games, its probably double(and here I am assuming we will hear about 1 or 2 Nintendo games still releasing this year in E3) the ammount the Wii U and 3DS got combined for the same period.Not only that, but every Nintendo Switch title seems to being made with care and a decent budget.In another words, quality titles.We already have 2 90+ title on it, and the system barely launched.And thats with minimal third party support.All things considered, Nitendo is doing pretty well.

As for the last part, the Wii U was already showing signs of failure by this point on time.It did ship 3 millions more or less for launch, but it took about 6 months to sell those numbers if Im not mistaken.The Switch is the exact opposite of that.I am not saying it will be a runaway success, but for anyone that is more knowledgable about the game industry knows that, apart from a massive mistake from Nintendo, the Switch wont fail as nearly as the Wii U did.

Doesnt really matter if they were cross gen, they still appealed to a mass market. BF, AC, CoD, Fifa. PS4 had these big IPs at launch. Sure, MS and Ninty had misteps. But likewise, the PS4 was better priced than both (X1 was overpriced with weaker hardware, WiiU wasnt cheap enough compared to the power differce). Sony had better marketting, and for the first 6 months a larger library of games. Sony also continued to push the future vision of PS4 more. They had the UC4 tease on launch day, a month later they had PSX straight after TGA, with gameplay of UC4, new details on other strong excluies like Bloodborne and UD, SF5 announced as an exclusive etc. A lo of httings were happening in the first 6 or so months for PS4 that chalking up its inital success to competetior mistakes is just short sighed to what was actually happening during this period. It was contributing factor, but not more 'largely' contributing that other important factors.

I mean, im not really sure how you can use VG forums as some example that Switch sales pass those that are mainly Nintendo fans. THe vast majority of console buyers are not o video game forums. of course the Switch is a success. But the 3DS was a success at launch too. THe WiiU was also a success at launch. If you consider that console nintendo fans are not always the same as the handheld sales, then having a device that does both console and portable means its attracting both Nintendo user bases. Hence why ppl are playing the waiting game to see how things go because we dont really know (as you even said) who is actually buying the device. At this point is is all just conjecture nd you are right, selling so well is obviously a sign that it should stay healthy, but we just dont know. Siwthc isnt just going to stay healthy based on the info we have now... we need to se how paid online affects it , how possily the majority of big 3rd party western titles skipping the device for holidays will affect it. There are a lot of variables at play.

and just because teh Switch has quality titles doesnt mean that it has quantity and vareity. Those are not really the same factors. And the only 3 90 titles are an originally WIiu exclusive being given a Switch release, and a port of a Wiiu title. At E3 we will definitey have a better idea of their software scope fro all fronts.

I think we can all agree Switch was never going to fail like the WiiU. Just being portable made that pretty clear. Short term Switch is doing well. Mid term it should be as well. We will have to see.

As for the first paragraph, you just said what I had basically said.PS4 succeeded on the promise on the great games and the screw up of the other two.I do think its largely, or most due(choose what term you prefer), to the screw up, but what you said is basically what I think.

I said forums in general and youtubers reflect the general line of though about how more core and hardcore gamers perceive the Switch.If you go to youtube now and see videos about their opinions about what they think about the Switch, most oof them will be positive.And there is a big difference betwenn these systems launch.3DS and the Wii U sold well at their respective launches... for about two or three weeks.After that, you could easily find them at astore shelves, and after the first quarter, shipments plummeted.3Ds, as we all know, eventually recovered, but the Wii U did not.It did so bad that it shipped around 4 millions(pulling the number out of my head) for only the first year!The Switch, on the other hand, is constantly selling out and demand is extremely high.And even if demand was met, Im 99% sure sales wouldnt just plummet.They would just stabilize at a good number(thinking around 400- 500k worldwide).Hell, the Switch is starting to outsell the Wii U and the 3dS combined in Japan.That says something.

Well, for your third paragraph, Im giving the Switch the benefit of the doubt.For now, it does have diversity.Each first party game belongs to a different genre, and there will be about 8 games in total from Nintendo alone this year.But yeah, at E3 we will see what the Switch will hold for 2018( or at least get a better idea at it) and see if the third party support will improve.I mean, I still epect little support from the west at this E3, but Japan should start showing its support.If the west ever start to support it, we will only see it in 2018.And honestly, even if it dosent get as much suppport as we all hope, Nintendo could still carry it.I mean, just look at the Wii and the 3DS as an example, both of which had little to modest support.(Im not counting shovelware here as support)

SegataSanshiro said:
Boost6 said:

Sony already eliminated nintendo for the console market.


Erm what? Nintendo messed up Wii U. Nintendo has full blame on that system. Nintendo Switch is also a console and doing very well. Do we give Sony credit for that as well?

its a console as much as my cell phone is a console.  Or a tv connect Vita.  

Boost6 said:
RolStoppable said:

Yes, it is. And your case is even worse than the OP's.

The tally between Nintendo vs. Sony is 3-3. Nintendo gets the edge for eliminating Sony from the handheld market.

Sony already eliminated nintendo for the console market.


If you want to say the traditional "big box" home console market, ok, but I'd actually say Microsoft has been the bigger thorn in Nintendo's side for that than Sony. 

If XBox never existed, IMO Nintendo would have sold probably more like 40 million GameCubes, which would've been far short of the PS2, but enough to basically make another traditional console and given Sony's $600 blunder there they probably would've cashed in big on that there. 

XBox kinda took away the GameCube's advantages (more powerful than PS2, easier to program than PS2) and it kinda stole all of its thunder because it was also more powerful than PS2 and easier to program for. It's kinda like being the funny guy at school, that's your niche, your section, but then someone shows up doing the exact same thing, and it kinda takes the wind out of your sails. 

With MS in the market, it basically overcrowded the market for a traditional console. If it was just Playstation Vs. Nintendo, I think Nintendo by default would've sold 40 mill/gen pretty easily and capitalized big time on Sony's PS3 mistakes. 

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Boost6 said:
SegataSanshiro said:

Erm what? Nintendo messed up Wii U. Nintendo has full blame on that system. Nintendo Switch is also a console and doing very well. Do we give Sony credit for that as well?

its a console as much as my cell phone is a console.  Or a tv connect Vita.  

Nice strawman.

The 18-34 year old demographic is known to be the most lucrative marketing demographic. This isn't some amazing secret Sony stumbled upon. Look at the early 3DS ads. Almost all 18-34 year olds. Even the Wii was focused primarily on that group. Nintendo's been advertising specifically to this group since gameboy. Microsoft targeted them hard with the XBox line. Apple has made this their core market. Not a Sony thing.

As for diversity... Look at the lineups for other consoles. Gamecube's first year had racing (Wave Race), Adventure (Luigi's Mansion), RTS (Pikmin), Fighter (Smash), Survival Horror (Eternal Darkness), Shooter (Metroid Prime), Party Game (Mario Party 4) and a couple of others.

The Wii had Sports (Wii Sports/Mario Strikers), Shooter (Prime Corruption), Racer (Excite Truck), Minigame collection (Wario/Wii Party), RTS (Batallion Wars), Adventure (Twilight Princess), Platform RPG (Super Paper Mario), Brain game (Big Brain Academy), SRPG (Radiant Dawn), and Platformer (Galaxy).

This isn't a new thing that Nintendo is doing in reaction to PS4. It's just what they've done.

deskpro2k3 said:

I like how some of you guys down playing Sony innovation with third parties. If that's the case then don't make threads begging for scale down ports. Yeah you know what thread I'm talking about.

The "Can we agree Nintendo should go third party?" thread begging for ports?

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Ka-pi96 said:
KLXVER said:

What is that? Becoming Sony?

Nope, that some people (points at self) like achievement systems. I guess they could learn that from MS too... but nope, they haven't from either of them so

Well that will be learning from Microsoft not Sony give credit where it's due;)

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Qwark said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Nope, that some people (points at self) like achievement systems. I guess they could learn that from MS too... but nope, they haven't from either of them so

Well that will be learning from Microsoft not Sony give credit where it's due;)

I did say it could be learnt from MS.

But it could also come from Sony too. If Nintendo look at Sony and think "hey them trophy things seem like a good idea" then they've learnt it from Sony, not MS.

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