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This week’s UK software sales are as follows:

Source 1 and Source 2


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BOTW over Horizon? That's a first.

KLXVER said:
BOTW over Horizon? That's a first.

That's because there were new shippments of the Switch last week.  

Rankings are great, but I'd love to know the actual numbers.

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What is with the jump with halo 5?

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Another great week for ps4 software. Gta V beasting as always

KLXVER said:
BOTW over Horizon? That's a first.


i think some people might have picked up a switch :P (the BOTW jump)

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Theres the MK8DELUXE!!!
And that massive jump for BOTW! And its also above Horizon!

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What happened to Persona 5 in UK? It was 1 at release and since the second week not even in the top 40 anymore?

I think I never saw such a front-loaded release

And too bad to see the strategy titles (Halo Wars 2 and Cities: Skylines) doing so "bad" at least at retail. That genre doesn't get much love on consoles it seems.