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This War of Mine.

No, it's not really a set story, but the story is written by your actions and it can be quite powerful.

One of the first things to happen to me while playing was that I came across a soldier who was obviously about to rape a civilian. I threw caution to the wind and tried to stop him. It was futile, however, as he was much better armed. The young man I was playing was one of the most upbeat and hardiest from my community of survivors. After his death, morale dropped and everything started to fall apart. No one wanted to do anything but sleep. Everyone wasted away.

To my shock, the last member of my team hung himself.

On my next play-through, I ran across the soldier and the girl again. I waited until he took her to the back, grabbed as much food as I could, and left. This sent the character I was playing and everyone else on the team into depression. However, they survived. They made it through until the cease-fire, though, obviously, not without scars.

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Mar1217 said:
Wright said:

Try Ghost Trick if you haven't. I don't think it comes that close to what Zero Escape achieves, but it's still a nonetheless magnificent story.

Might as well talk about the first Ace Attorney trilogy too :P

But yeah, heard lots of positive things about Ghost Trick.

Well, yeah. xD But I mean, the Ace Attorney takes a totally different path with its story when compared to games like Zero Escape. In that sense, Ghost Trick is more like the later than the former, hence why I pointed that out.

jason1637 said:
wilreteno said:
Final fantasy 15 and horizon zero dawn

Seriously? The story was all over the place for me.

The story was told in a bad way with no or even little explanation but when you got the thing as a whole specially Ardyn story and noctis family, it is pretty interesting imo

just as Horizon, when you read the notes, listen to the audio, have a background to all the tribes and so forth. the game has a pretty solid story

My choices are somewhat limited. Haven't played a lot from this gen. I guess I'd have to go with Styx: Master of Shadows. The irony is that I was rolling my eyes, and literally saying out loud "Just get on with it." during the initial exposition which was explaining the lore of the world. Eventually, it won me over in both game play and story. I was drawn into the narrative. There was I twist that I could never see coming near the end. Not my fav game this gen, but probably my favorite story.

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Stanley the parable

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Uncharted 4

GoldenHand80 said:
Stanley the parable

when stanely came to a set of two open doors...

 I LOVE that game.

onionberry said:
Azuren said:


Even though it's mostly absent, when you piece the sorry together it's a page straight out off Lovecraft.

when I play soul games I'm always too busy trying to stay alive so I don't even remember most of the lore lol, too much interpretation and stuff :P

If you or anyone else is actually interested in Dark Souls lore and have the patience to watch a let's play these videos from ENB are awesome.  He goes quite deep into the lore of items and NPC dialogue.

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onionberry said:
GoldenHand80 said:
Stanley the parable

when stanely came to a set of two open doors...

 I LOVE that game.

And here it was! the lounge ...

what a room Stanley thought to himself, what a room! what a room ! what a room !

this is what Stanley thought, what a room! what a room ! what a room ! what a room!

va va voom, what a room


This is a game that never gets old

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