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shenlong213 said:

Why counting those 3rd party games like it will coming to another platform ?


Game such as Yakuza, Tekken 6 and previous titles, MGS IV and previous titles, Star Ocean series except SO1 ...  are exclusive games for PS


Like you can talk about Monster Hunter Tri, Red Steel, the last story, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fragile Dreams ... are exclusive for Nintendo because it obviously will never come to another platform such as PC, Xbox or PS


Then again, I never thinking about purchase a Nintendo hardware for killer specs games but Jrpg and exclusive 1st party

I edited in Monster Hunter 3 before your post. That should obviously be on the list.
I'm talking about them because quality is also a factor, and the biggest third party franchises majorly ignored Wii. And I obviously can't compare every one of the hundreds of exclusives to each other.

When you mention Fragile Dreams, I can mention an obscure PS3 exclusive as well. Folklore. But those games did not have a future.
Yes Wii had a handful of quality third party AAA exclusives. But they were also relatively few and rarely from popular franchises.

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GoldenHand80 said:
Plus I think it's a little bit too early to call the Nintendo switch a success.

It's doing better than the Wii U. That's the new Nintendo benchmark.

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that is true but it's been in the market for just over a month so I still think it is way too early to call it a success or a failure. The XB1, for example, sold over a million at release but later sale figures massively declined.

shenlong213 said:

*Look at the thread starter*


NewGuy said:
KBG29 said:
Sony doesn't necessarily need to counter the Switch, but they do need to offer a broader range of devices.

I think that a PS4 Portable absolutely needs to happen once 7nm chips are available. The current PS4 Slim only uses about 60 Watts in the heaviest gaming, they will easily be able to drop this down below 20 Watts with a 7nm APU, and newer lower power higher density RAM chips, among many other improvements and reductions over the next few years, and with the removal of parts not needed for a portable. The $300 price point may even be high by 2019.

They also should offer PS4 in a Tablet/Laptop form and offer a 4G variation of the PS4 Portable that can be used as a

Eventually, all Sony products should be using a standard and scalable chipset customized for each device, and running on the PS4 OS. Sony should be building a unified ecosystem, so whether you buy a TV, laptop, console, camera, phone, car audio deck, or any other Sony product, they all work together harmoniously. All Sony products should be able to run PlayStation games, as Sony should be leveraging its assets and content to create higher demand for all of their products. It is not about selling PS4 consoles, it is about getting as many people on your hardware, your OS, and your ecosystem.

That is how Sony should not only counter the Switch, but compete in every market of the industry. They are already in all the markets above, but right now they are battling themselves, moving all products to a scalable chip set and a unified Sony OS, will drive revenue and profits well beyond record highs. Which in turn means more new games, more new IP, and more new ways to play.

Sony doesn't make laptops anymore and honestly should be out of TVs and possibly phones. Why the hell would a car audio play playstation? Lol wth?

I actually think a theoretical PS4 Portable should be a high end tablet (at least for launch, it has to be high end) with a gamevice/switch like peripheral (A DS4 split apart like one of those old patents). That is actually what the recent Sony patent shows. The theoretical PS4P should allow the user to easily and seamless access the android OS so that they can use the device for non gaming purposes and google play games. Yes, it should be a dual boot machine. Sony is not capable of developing an OS close to what you can get with Android, IOS or Windows. Even if they could, they are so behind that it's not worth the effort.

Currently they don't make Laptops or Tablets, because they were making Windows and Android based devices no one wanted. The masses are not going to pay twice the price for a device, even if it offers twice the battery life, twice the reliability, and the best display on the market if it is running the same software. 

Not sure why you think they should get out of the TV business. Sure the Android TV OS they are using is absolute garbage, but the TVs themselves are easily the best in picture quality.  The Z9D is by far the best TV I have seen, and the A1E OLED they are just rolling out is only a tick behind that. Even their lower end stuff is exceptional. They are basically at price parity with or cheaper than Samsung and LG.

I know I am probably the only one in the world that enjoys gaming this much, but I think it would be totally awesome to be able to pull into work on a day with light traffic, and have a half hour to game on a 12" display, straight from my deck. I would keep two DS4's in the car just incase I had someone along and we wanted to bust into a little local multiplayer. 

I don't agree with the whole dual boot idea. Sony products should run on a Sony OS, and offer the ability to work with other OSs through a PSN connected app. The worst thing about the Bravia TVs and the Xperia Phones is the garbage Android OS that they run on. The Bravias were much better 2014 and earlier on the old Sony OS, and the Vita OS is way better than Android on Xperia, except for the fact that every app has been stripped from it.

Sony needs to bring all of their devices to the PS4 OS. Android and Windows has wrecked havok on every Sony division they have touched. Sony needs to build 100% Sony products, and bring as much outside software support in as possible, and play really nice with the other OSs. There is very little desire for Sony products running on these OSs, because it does not matter how much better your hardware is when it is restricted to an unoptimized OS. Thus Android and Windows fans have little interest in Sony products, nor Sony fans don't want watered down Sony products. Sony needs to build devices that have Hardware, Software, and the OS all engineered and optimized to the same level.

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vivster said:
GoldenHand80 said:
Plus I think it's a little bit too early to call the Nintendo switch a success.

It's doing better than the Wii U. That's the new Nintendo benchmark.

That's like setting the bar of success to something similar to beating a dwarf in a marathon. 

F.Scofield said:
Hiku said:

He's clearly talking about this generation. And he only mentioned home console games for Sony, not Vita games.
PS4 has way more exclusives than XBO/WiiU/Switch.

Not that the previous generations were any different. Each Playstation console had more exclusives than its competition.

  No it never did, wii alone has exclusives enough to double ps4's+ps3 list of exclusives and ps3 doesn't even stand a chance alone. if you want to go on with this list all the ps3 exclusives and i'll list all the wii exclusives, you can even use sequels, it just can't be on x360/pc or wii.


  EDIT: i'll help you with this, wii : 332 Exclusives, x360: 221,  ps3: 191 exclusives. ps3 doesn't even beat xbox, so what's gonna be your narrative now? make up more narratives that didn't happen to make a point on your arguments?


FUN fact: Almost all of those "Wii only games" can be played on Wii U via WiiWare, Virtual console or direct ports on wii U which brings down the tally of exclusive into double digits. But if you still

wanna consider them as exclusive then please consider PS2 games emulation on original launch PS3. 

TIP: Never use wikipedia as source.. e.g. PS3 list doesnt even include tons of japanese only exclusive games.

Sony doesn't need any of that xP

Sony will do a 199$ price point.

God of War, Spiderman, GT Sports, The Last of Us 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Deaths Stranding ect....

There are still plenty of reasons to get a PS4.


Everyone here seems to say "switch wont get a price cut first year".

All Sony needs to do is go "ours is 100$ cheaper, 4-5 times the power, and has these exclusives" in ads.

JRPGfan said:

All Sony needs to do is go "ours is 100$ cheaper, 4-5 times the power, and has these exclusives" in ads.

Sony don't even need to acknowledge the Switch's existence.