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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can Splatoon 2 Sell 5mil Lifetime........ In Japan Alone?? [YeS It Will] [Update: 4.5mil Ship+Digital]



Yes another bold move but this one being even more insane) can splat2 sell 5mil in japan or close to it lifetime?



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Hitting a target that not even Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Animal Crossing, or Monster Hunter can hit. There is no way on earth that this happens.

maybe 2M lifetime in Japan but 5M ?! .... no way.

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Its pulling some insane numbers in COMG right now...... For now I say around 2.5mil - 3mil LT. If the Monster Hunter, Pokemon and Animal Crossing fans gets the Switch and are also interested in this......... then OH BOY!

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If Monster Hunter or Pokemon can't, i wouldn't bet my biscuits on Splatoon 2 doing it D:

Though to elaborate, while Splatoon as an IP will, in my opinion, rival other IPs like Dragon Quest or Pokemon in Japan (If it isn't already), as seen with the recent COMG numbers, i don't think we'll see the peak of it with the second entry. I'm unsure if it'll peak anywhere near that number, but if it even gets close to it, that would be a colossal success for Nintendo, though as it is right now it's already massive.


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I think it can reach between 3-4m tbh being its on a platform that will be at the moment the only portable in Japan over the few years.

Not likely. In NA though maybe.

That would make it one of the top 10 selling games in Japan of all time. So no. Those are Pokemon on DS numbers.

I suppose if they made it the default bundle, it could happen. But on its own I think 5 million is a bit ambitious.

I think that when people make a comparation with Dragon quest, Pokémon, Monster Hunter ecc. they should realize that Splatoon, unlike those games, will sell for years, more like a Super Mario or an Animal Crossing game.

I can see Splatoon 2 sells 2 million in 2017, then i would think at something like a costant 25/35% decrease every year, so 1.5-1.2 million in 2018, 1 million-800k in 2019 ecc.

When all is said and gone i think 5 million is the most realistic prediction, but this depend on Switch sales, which i believe will be similar to 3DS lifetime sales. If someone believe Switch will only sells 15 million (which i think is way too low but is not a crazy prediction) then yeah 3.5-4 million would be more realistic.

Dreamcaster said:
Hitting a target that not even Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Animal Crossing, or Monster Hunter can hit. There is no way on earth that this happens.

Jesus christ man, where did you found this Cloud avatar!?

Do you have a link?

The Switch would need to sell well over 20 million lifetime in Japan like the 3DS which I see very achievable since it will be the only dedicated gaming handheld on the market there in the next year or so, but even then 5 million is outselling the best 3DS game in Japan Animal Crossing New Leaf which sold 4.5 million going by VGChartz numbers, so... right now as bold as I can go is it selling over 3 million in Japan but who knows, anything can happen.