Wait, DID Horizon First Week Global Sales Really Outpace BotW's? (PLEASE READ FIRST POST)

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Which did you enjoy more?

Breath of the Wild 402 32.74%
Horizon: Zero Dawn 377 30.70%
I haven't played both yet/Unsure 286 23.29%
See Results 163 13.27%

Isn't that one/two day sales figure (BOTW) vs whole week (HZD)?

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Two great games held back by their console overlords to ever reach their full potential.

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dgboweniii said:

Love both games, and HZD REALLY picks up at the end.  The main story is phenominal. 


BOTW is clearly the better game however.  Play them both.

In your Opinion.

It's a good sign for both games. It means that both franchises can coexist and neither game cannibalized the sales of the other.

it'll also send the message to publishers that they don't have release on holiday to be successful.

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Surprisingly, I've enjoyed HZD more...

I wonder if it had anything to do with expectations -- I didn't expect to enjoy HZD whereas all the rave reviews for BOTW led me to believe it was something special. Both are great games though.

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Zekkyou said:

It's also worth noting that while install-base is relevant, they can't be compared linearly. 1 million PS4 users is not the same as 1 million WiiU/Switch users, etc. That Zelda also outsold every previous entry in the series, despite the 2nd smallest release install-base, should make the inadequacies of that comparison clear.


taus90 said:

using user base as an excuse, great... well I can name multiple games on consoles with larger base and still underperformed. Point is people hiding behind the fact that wii U is dead yes Wii U is dead for the future but those 13m+ users didnt buy it to play Netflix or the latest Call of Duty.. they bought it on the promise of Nintendo Games, zelda.. I wonder how Ninty fans explain Splatoon Success a new ip on an even smaller user base, or Mario Kart, Smash bros.
So downplaying a userbase where almost all nintendo exclusive sold 5m+ is amusing. Not to mention Zelda is a default bundle for hyped up switch what does it has to compete with Arms?? While Horizon had to compete with Neir, yakuza, nioh all exclusive games on the market.

some people are having hard time accepting that their beloved franchise has been beaten by a new IP.


You cant ignore fact that PS4 has instal base of 55m, while Wii U thats dead for quite time now has instal base of 13-14m and that those numbers for Switch Zelda are just for first 2 days of Switch on market with limited stocks.

Well, Switch and Zelda are both outsold at the big stores I've went to. So even, if people want to buy more games, they can't. At least for the Switch version.

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"Wait, did Horizon Really Outsell BotW?"

PS4 55-60m user base.
WiiU 14m user base + Switch 1-2m user base.

Is it really a surprise OP?

Mnementh said:
John2290 said:
Nice to see that with that poll some people are looking at breath of the wild as it really is in retrospect. HZD is so much better and much more innovative than BOW, My mate deleted my account of 20 or so hours so he can start his game (Thanks for that Nintendo) and I was a bit upset for a while until I realized I had played over 20 hours and I'm still dragging my way through it, good game, better than skyward sword for sure but it's no where near the hyperbole and 100% scores.

The game actually ASKS on startup which user it should take and still your mate decided to delete your progress? You can quickly create a new user at that point.

He's selling it, I think, or maybe he just done it cause I was pestering him for it lol. I'm not the only one who wants to borrow it either, His room mates are on it more than he is.


SegataSanshiro said:
Hynad said:

Horizon is a new unproven IP, and it came out 3 days before Zelda. 

Unproven new IP from Sony's Hype machine. it was going to sell no matter what.

Good thing it is a good game deserving of its sales.

But what you said doesn't refute the facts.

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