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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Scorpio wont do native 4K in most of the games, my opinion

You can prove it with simple maths

- Forza 6 allready could hit 1080p 60fps on the original XBox One, 4K is 4 times 1080p in pixels.

- 4x900p is a resolution with 5760 thousand pixels which is 1800p

- Now of course Microsoft claims that Forza is running in 4K 60fps which still has 35% left in Hardware power and all this talk about the DX12 again, but this time they claim its backed in the hardware.

But the thing is Forza 6 is an exclusive game that was ported to the Windows 10 store before hand, Microsoft even said it themselfs that all the Windows 10 store versions will be compatible for the Scorpio @day1. So of course they only needed 2 days to port them over (they were probably even prototypes for the console).

But lets give Microsoft the benifit of the doubt and asume every devoloper will be able to utilize DX12 like Forza is. If i add 35% more pixels to 5760 thousand pixels the result is 7776 thousand pixels, which would come close to 8294 thousand pixels for native 4K. But still its not enough and this raw resolution increase would miss out all the other things like: higher detail, better AF or 60fps of course.

And this is if i assume that every game will utilize DX12 like some PC versions (Battlefield) do, and that every game is devoloped like an exclusive game from Microsoft.

Digital Foundry even claims that the Scorpio was devoloped with their first party games in mind instead the other way around for the first time in console history, so of course Forza 6 has this performance they showed.

There is a lot of fishy things going on imo, and we all know that not all Xbox One games run in 1080p but most are in 900p at least as far as AAA is concerned.

So whats your opinion about all these pixels?

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MS only ever said their own games would be "true 4k". They never promised or implied every game on the platform would hit native 4k. No one expects every single Scorpio game to be native 4k. But it should hit that mark much more consistently than the Pro.

My opinion is... Most games will be able to run at 4k native at the graphical setting of a ps4 (or higher) cause there is more to running games at 4k than just multiplying everything by 4...

Lets look at a fairly demanding game that has an Rx 480 and run it at 4k.

Witcher 3 is one of the most demanding games to run this gen but a 480 gets pretty close to running it at 4k in PC max settings.

The Xbox Scorpio is not only more powerful than a 480 (but not as powerful as a 1070 before anyone starts saying that nonsense), it also doesn't have to run it at max detail because why would they need to? Ps4 Pro doesn't when it's checkerboarding... Heck, majority of the games on the Ps4 Pro that is checkerboarding to 4k uses ps4's graphical settings and not PC max...

So I don't see why most games, regardless of first party or third party, won't be able to run at 4k unless there is like shit optimization.

Here's another example:


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It will do most games in native 4k because most games are indies and they are already running at 1080p on X1.
Other than that they already said they were aiming to get every 900p game up to 4k. Obviously they know what hardware needs to be put together to make that happen.

""As we landed on 4K, Andrew [Goossen] and team did a pretty deep analysis," Gammill continues. "We have this developer tool called PIX [Performance Investigator for Xbox]. It lets us do some GPU trace capture. He and his team did a really deep analysis across a breadth of titles with the goal that any 900p or better title would be able to easily run at frame-rate at 4K on Scorpio. That was our big stake in the ground, and so with that we began our work speccing out what the Scorpio Engine is. It's not a process of calling up AMD and saying I'll take this part, this part and this part. A lot of really specific custom work went into this.""

Most of the games shall be native 4k. There is a lot of 1800p games on Pro ( 4.2 Tflops )

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We are going to see the exact same situation with FHD as the PS4 and XB1 but in reverse.
Also, the fan-invested narratives will switch as well.

Like Yuri said, it will be running them at 4k, but not at PC max settings 4k and at 60fps, so it's basically going to go like PS4P already does, only without the checkerboarding and more native, but not sporting ultra settings.

Also I like how it's fishy when it's MS but not with anyone else.

I think it will hit 4K in 1080p and 900p Xbox one games. But I think 720p games won't. For example, frostbite games.


If developers are willing to put in the effort, i think we'll see it hitting 4k about as often as the PS4 currently hits 1080p. If they aren't, then maybe half the time.

derpysquirtle64 said:
I think it will hit 4K in 1080p and 900p Xbox one games. But I think 720p games won't. For example, frostbite games.

eh there are quite few Frostbite games that run at 900p or higher on X1.

PvZ Garden Warfare 2 (60FPS)
FIFA 17 (60FPS)
Mass Effect Andromeda
Need For Speed
Dragon Age Inquisition

Actually, I think games developed by DiCE are the only Frostbite games not running at at least 900p.