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I'll wait some more before I buy it. Give them plenty of time to patch it. I rather have a good experience with the game.

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They just said they're gonna give more male companions for Scott. That makes me extremely happy.

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My 1060 should be running this at 1080p like every other new game with ease. Its not, so hopefully they fix it up.

Yes - adding the ability to skip planet travel, thank you. Hopefully they fix some of the questing bugs I've run in to and can get rid of that annoying exclamation mark on my inventory even though I have nothing new.

Everything else hasn't really affected my play through (so far) but cool to see they're taking on board criticism and hopefully balancing it so that it's a better experience, not just pandering.

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I'm really starting to feel good about my decision to wait to play this game now. I'll wait just a little longer. It's been years since mass effect 3. What's a month or two?

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The weird flying to each planet and looking at it then scanning it to find there was nothing there was a bit pointless. Not sure who thought that was good other then for aesthetics.

The rest of the game I can live with, as the main exploration and gameplay is great. A few odd eye movements is nothing really. I'll be playing the main story through a fair bit, getting my playthrough done but unlike DA:I, I don't think I'll just straight back in for a different play through, wait for the next big update I think.

I just wish the Asari looked like Asari from ME 1-3 and not all round nosed and squishy faced. Seriously, they ALL look the same. Compare them to Aria, Samara and Liara and well...

Hmm, pie.

Too little too late.

Should've delayed for like 6 months to fix these things and released around September.

I will wait a little bit until they fix it before I buy. This will be my first Mass Effect game and I want to leave with good impressions.

JRPGfan said:

They should have launched without most of these..... fixing afterwards is always a bad choice, the right one is to not launch with them. However its better than just leaving it be.... so I guess good on them.

How long until those fix's are ready?

Will they release a "delux edition" where the patches and fix's are in there on disc? or is this going to be one of those download this 15gb patch that fix's things, sort of deal?

They already have a deluxe edition. For an extra & 10 bucks you get a couple of skins, weapons and a pet. Pretty useless and could've been in the regular edition. Damn EA.


Anyways nothing on the audio issue. That's my biggest complaint​.


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nemo37 said:
I will wait a little bit until they fix it before I buy. This will be my first Mass Effect game and I want to leave with good impressions.

You might want to play the trilogy before you touch this game. You'll be able to understand the fans of the series' complaints with this one.