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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Switch launch numbers are meaningless

Imagine a console selling faster than its antecessor and even the best-selling console from its manufacturer; a console which sells out everywhere even before launch, solely on pre-orders, and goes for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Now, weeks after its launch, coming across one is still a hard task - it might take months for supply to even out with demand. The manufacturer has high expectations - millions of consoles sold on its launch year, and dozens of millions more yet to follow in the upcoming years. You think I'm talking about the Switch? Nope buddy, that was the overall feeling back when the Wii U launched in 2012... and to some extent, albeit a lesser one, the same happened to the PS Vita before it.

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Now, you may think the Wii U, or the PS Vita, had issues which from the beginning made it clear those consoles weren't going to succeed, but do consider that hindsight is 20/20, and the Switch isn't really exempt of flaws and certain dissatisfaction, justified or not, from its owners or prospective buyers. The console has been called underpowered; there is the possilibity of flawed pixels screen or desynchronized controllers, it is somewhat prone to scratches, and the question of third party support still has a giant question mark.

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Now, of course the console could end up selling great - personally I think it is a better design than the Wii U and I doubt it will end below the N64; it could have almost as much success as a handheld in Japan, for instance, a market which I see as particularly receptive for a piece of hardware like the Switch. However, it might still be a little bit early to pop the champagne based on the post-launch evidence and Nintendo's own expectations of future, uncertain success. So, what does VCGhartz think?

Bonus Playstation Vita link: Sony sells 300,000 PS Vita consoles in two days






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It's already too late for this thread.

At this point (four weeks after launch) Wii Us were readily available on store shelves. The Vita got declared to be the guaranteed loser after its second week in Japan, so by the time it launched in America and Europe it was already long over.

Calling launch numbers meaningless makes only sense when they don't line up with someone's personal wishes.

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I think that, from where I live, it is doing much better than the wiiU. I know there were articles and etc of it being sold out and $900 nonsense on ebay but where I lived, I could easily buy one after a week since it launched. It has been nearly a month for the switch and I can't find even a single one except the ones from scalpers.

Now the biggest difference of course is Zelda. We all saw the crazyness that was at e3 so it certainly could be too early to tell but one thing is for sure, it will 110% outsell the wiiU considering how well it's launch has been going.


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The VGChartz thinks exactly as you do seeing as how this same sentiment has been posted all over it.

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Well i am considering buying one, damn impulsive behaviour.

Switch will outsell ps4, we all know its happening soon ;)

Well not totally meaningless but since it's a Nintendo console it's not really an indicator of much.

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For a lot people I think who bought the wii u, the realisation was it was very poor and there was a lot of negativity about the console but the Switch launches with an amazing game and at least for sometime it will be seen in a very positive light.

It's possible the only difference is the cliff edge where sales drop dramatically is just delayed with the Switch. It seems to me though with April Mario Kart that cliff edge is more likely around May/June. There is also the online charging to come and a greater understanding by a wider audience the very low performance level of the Switch. The wii u had a lot of multiformat games reviewed that basically criticised the wii u as the weakest which probably did a lot of damage to wii u sales. Such Switch reviews haven't really started yet. I think generally people don't want to buy the weakest versions of games even if it gives them portability. The realisation of the wii u's very low performance level seemed to have been a similar time to the huge drop in sales.

It does seem to be for me at least the wii situation. I was amazed when it sold well being basically just a gamecube with a motion sensing controller and games having a very limited performance level but the wii sold far higher than you'd think based on the sum of its parts and the same seems to be true of Switch. It maybe took me 2 years to get a wii possibly more and I only bought a cheap japanese model that was £45. I thought it was pretty awful and was mainly playing my gamecube games on it. At the time most of the games were dire and a throw back to the last generation in performance. I know its often claimed the failure of wii u is based on consumer confusion about whether it was a separate home console or an accessory for wii but I think low satisfaction levels with the wii was also a factor. At the time the wii was criticised as a dust collector.

Wii U took months to sell through its 1st month shipments and Vita took a month to sell through its day 1 shipments, not sure what you are talking about.

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