Microsoft’s Efforts to Bring Japanese Games to Xbox One Should be Encouraged, Not Mocked

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When your console launches with AT LEAST a 33% failure rate, I would consider that an inferior product.  An issue MS couldn't fix completely until 3 different chipsets later.  And for all of their consoles, there were also things they could have improved by spending a few pennies for each console, most notably the DVD drive stabilization.  Just tapping the thing would lead to scratched discs.  Hell, small scratches could result from enough ambient vibration.  It may have been better for devs, til they got the hang of the PS3, but it was worse for customers.  I think it's part of the reason the PS3 was able to pass the 360, even though for the first half of the gen the entry price for the 360 was $200 cheaper.  It also lead to more trust in the PS4 at launch, even with MS's 180 on its policies.

Don't tell Yoshida, it's bullshit time again! 

I must remind you that the PS3 was an inferior product as well not only due to the high price and late release, but the performance issues that did affect gamers. Add to that the fact that the error was using the wrong type of adhesive in heatsinks and it was dead. It was a production issue. In use it was superior to the PS3. Also, it didn't surpass the Xbox 360 until after the generation was over, so it's technically considered a loss. 

Now off your bloody high horse and at least show some respect for the guys who didn't think twice before shelling figures out to fix the mistake someone in the city of Shenzhen had made! 

Blah, blah, blah and poor excuses were all I got out of that post.  But, hey, you can always try next time. 

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Scalebound cancellation is still fresh in our memories.

Microsoft merits all the mockeries they're getting.

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The problem is I believe Japan notices what Sony is doing. They are trying to essentially be Sony. Problem is the product isnt unique nor Japanese centric.. It doesn't attract that crowd mostly either, but it wouldn't hurt to have multiplats available. It would be suicide on an exclusive to give Microsoft exclusives, but it wouldnt hurt for a multiplat title at all.

I don't mock their efforts. But never in a million billion years would I encourage ANY Japanese dev to sign on for even temporary exclusivity. Cause at best your sales will be kneecapped. At worst MS will bail on you before you're done and leave you holding that bag (*cough*Platinum Games*cough*). Which really is the issue, MS isn't mocked for trying to get Japanese games. It's all their other stupidity and hubris.

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Spade said:
Should definitely be mocked...

They don't even care much about games anymore.

State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieve etc seems to show that they still care about games.

This could be the same as listing Scalebound,Fable Legends and Phantom Dust a year or so ago. MS has a habbit of cancelling games this gen so best not quote on games not yet released. Crackdown 3 esp has a good chance of being canned due to technical issues that has delayed it a couple times.

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Totally agree. It's doubly important because it also means the Xbone has very limited appeal to western customers who like Japanese games.
The thing I've been looking forward to for the last year was Nier: Automata. Squenix weren't even payed off by Sony for that one, they just gave the Xbone a miss because they couldn't be bothered with it. That's not a good sign.

I doubt it'll make a difference. Don't see the potential of Japanese games on the existing Xbox userbase.

I just hope they finish Scalebound even though not looking likely.

I just hope they finish Scalebound even though not looking likely.

I got news for you. It's been cancelled.

I just hope they finish Scalebound even though not looking likely.

Phil Spencer stated that he was of the opinion that gamers are better off with Scalebound being canceled. LOL Says the guy with no Japanese exclusives. Their western studios arent doing much better outside of Halo, Gears and Forza. We will see how Crackdown goes, because if they dont have anymore third party exclusives, thats pretty much it (as far as we know) for their exclusives. Heres hoping for some western surprises  at E3.