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Which one did you like the most?

Mass Effect 35 28.46%
Mass Effect 2 68 55.28%
Mass Effect 3 20 16.26%

#2 for me!

#1 was good at the time, it's aged absolutely horrendously though. #3 apparently had a bad ending. Didn't play it long enough to see the ending though so

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Mass Effect 1, despite the issues with the combat, it was favorite. Mass Effect 2 had great characters but story wasn't as strong and they cutback the RPG elements too much. I'm not getting into ME3. Least favorite ME game period.

ME 2

Mass Effect 3 was my favorite. Luckily, i played after the ending patch so I didn't hate the much. Still, the citadel DLC was one of the best pieces of DLC i've ever played, some of the funniest and coolest interactions with all the peeps you come to know and love.

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One of my favourite games series. All 3 are some of my all time favourite games.

1 - Amazing game with great story and some really tough choices to make. Completed it 10+ times 10/10
3 - Loved all of it even the ending. Complete it 5+ times 10/10
2 - Still an amazing game. Story was my least favourite of the 3 and it was kind of just one big recruitment mission. Completed it around 10 times 9.9/10

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Mass effect Wii U was great!

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ME 1 and ME 3. I love everything about them. The story, characters, combat. Every thing really! I loved the hell out of ME2 as well but it's structure was too predictable and I kind of always got a gist of what was coming next. Still loved it but the whole recruit, loyalty, recruit, loyalty, recruit, loyalty got repetitive. Still, the gameplay was solid. Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite series and I quite took a liking to the stronger RPG elements of the other two.

Favorite is hard to say, but 2 is definitely my least favorite. I've never understood why it's so praised and cherished. It's good, but I think it's the weakest of the series. In trying to rank them right now, I'd probably go 1, Andromeda, 3, 2.

Mass effect 2. Closely followed by the original. Mass effect 3 was really good too. Probably my favourite series last gen. Still hesitant to buy andromeda.

The more I play Andromeda. The more I like it. Based off my initial impressions, I was wishing I hadn't pre-ordered it. Now I'm glad that I did.