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psh who cares. I mean will it even sell? I feel like the franchise is dead. Zelda has already beaten every game of all time apparently.

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poklane said:

I predict they're gonna do the same exact thing they did with GTA V. Release the game only on PS4 and XB1 just a few months before the next-gen consoles release, then about 9-12months after the PS5 and new XB are out release it for those platforms and then another few months later release it for the PC.
It's a great way to get people to buy your game multiple times. Lets be real here, if GTA V didn't release in September 2013 on last gen consoles and November 2014 on current gen consoles but instead released in November 2013 across all 4 platforms (PS3, PS4, XB360 and XB1) then last gen sales would have been wayyyy lower.


I expect to see GTA6 in 2020. Around 6 months before the release of the PS5/XB2. Just that this time around it would probably be a launch title for those consoles. Its only worked so well for them with GTA5. no reason they don't do it again. 

With how much money GTAV generates them, it doesn't seem like they're in a hurry to release another one, just to have another cash cow. A mistake some other publishers seem to make from time to time.

Hopefully the success of GTAV allows them to take their time with their upcoming projects, and release them when its appropriate.
I can see them aiming for the end of PS4/XBO's life cycles with GTA6 because they'll have a very large instal base, and then port the game over to PS5/XB2.

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Of course. At the end of the generation though

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theyre planning to have GTA VI include the entire US. we dont know specifically what that means, but that is a huge project that will take at least like 5 years or so just to lay the foundation. i say just give it time. GTA V aint broke yet

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I think GTA6 will release right around the 2nd upgrade for PS4 & Xbox One. It think it will be one of the big games optimized for the launch of the final revision of the current gen hardware, and that should be around 2020.

GTA6 will be on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Premium in 2020, with a remaster for PS5 in 2024.

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onionberry said:
For that franchise it doesn't matter anymore, they can release gta 6 at the end of the generation or in the middle of the next generation, it's going to sell. 2020 is my bet.

What is stopping any gta from going to the switch or any Nintendo console? I can play gta on my phone but not on Nintendo consoles, so the answer would be "pride" you know, because of the past... and the other answer "we don't give a shit about Nintendo" They treat PC gamers as second class citizen, but at least they treat them.

It's clearly not pride, given they made a brand new GTA entry for the DS (a very good one too). I think for the most part they just don't consider Nintendo releases worth it, and i can't blame them. Making a dedicated title for the 3DS or WiiU likley wouldn't be worth it, and GTA5 is a hard sell too. It wouldn't have run on the 3DS at all, and the WiiU had a small install base mostly composed of Nintendo fans.

GTA6 isn't 100% impossible, but also unlikely. The Switch needs to be successful, show its install base are open to 3rd party releases, and Rockstar be willing to re-engineer the entire game to work on the Switch's portable mode (which would be interesting, since the raw gap between the portable Switch and a PS4 is almost a full generation jump).