Forums - Sony Discussion - Update: Official Persona 5 Metacritic Prediction Thread! 94 Metacritic!!


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I Predict a 95.

I will be updating the thread soon with the predictions. :)


I already updated the thread with the the score you guys predicted. If the scrores are wrong or there are some mistakes in it. Feel free to notify me.

I forgot to predict and here's mine. 95.

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Man, people here are really expecting a lot from it, the average will be nice xD

I'll say 98.


For those who wants to change their predition you have 6 days to change it if you wish. Embargo lifts on March 29.

Updated the chart.

10 More days! The game will be release! Hyped!!

I'd bet on 93.

It should be higher, of course, but I expect "I didn't get it"/"It's too Japanese"/"Too much to read"/"It's a weeaboo game" awful reviews that will lower the average.