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92+ Easily. From what I've been hearing this is the Persona that sees the series elevate to new heights. It's a Generation Defining Game.

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I'm betting this game will be better than P4, which they got a 93 for the Vita version, so I'm giving Persona 5 a 94.  Just a bit better :P

leyendax69 said:

You what, bro? Just 90?


I thought it'd be lucky to hit a 90 but after reading those reviews and previews, 90+ is pretty much in the bag (I hope I'm not jinxing it).

I'll go with 93 (up from 88-89) It might climb higher but the turn-based combat is too conservative at this point which is an aspect some will criticize.

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"Also, it’s the first Persona game where the talking animal mascot won’t make you want to put an Evoker to your head." - Well, that's what you get from finally going for a cat.


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