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3DSXL The Gold Zelda One - I just have Link between Worlds and a couple digital titles but no I never really played much on it, still haven't beat Zelda (I got caught up trying to beat my son's Character)

Wii U:

32GB launch version (added a 4TB dual hard drive enclosure) - I have hundreds of games for it (30 to 40 physical retail the rest digital) but since buying the switch (which I will not let my GF's kids touch) only my GF's kids are playing it but the off TV play still means it gets used all the time


Got it at launch with Zelda and have since bought Master Blaster from the E-shop but haven't played even a minute of it since all I'm playing is Zelda. I might get Arms, I'll probably get Spla2oon. I'm sure to get Mario O.

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Conina said:
Platina said:

Updated, probably the only and last bump

Thanks for the responses

Put some effort in it and count the total numbers of 3DS, total number of Wii U and total number of Switch consoles of the participants ;)

Here you are ;)


Well, this worked out better than I expected, thanks for everyone's participation

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[3DS] Winter Playtimes [Wii U]

3DS yes
Wii U yes dont play it anymore
want switch

I own an original 3DS XL and still play on it.

I have the WW special edition WiiU and still play it.

Last but not lest neon Joy-Con Switch, and YES I play it. :P

d21lewis said:

3DS: owned four. Sold my original black (Cosmo?) when I got a New Nintendo 3DS XL. Bought a Japanese charging dock for it a week ago. Looks sexy. Last game I played was Ocarina of Time in preparation for Breath of the Wild.

WiiU: Still have it. Still love it. Best porn viewer I own! Played Super Mario 3D World roughly a week before I got my Switch. Also tossed in Xenoblade Chronicles X just to see how it looked on my newish TV. Still a few games I want to buy.

Switch: Got it on day one. It's almost all I've played since launch day. I've turned on my PS4 just to see if I had the update and to see if Nier had downloaded. Turned on my XBO to watch a movie (www.m4ufree.info and set the console to mobile browser, if you're curious...) A but that's it. About 6 hours of Zelda a day since launch. I broke down and bought Fast RMX, too. Pretty looking game.

Oh man, I'm the same way. I realized last night (when I had to download the March 1-15 Games with Gold) that I hadn't turned on my XOne or PS4 since March 3rd. It's been Zelda all the time since then, with a few breaks for other Switch games. Zelda is consuming my life, in a good way :)

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I own a New 3DS, and sold my launch model 3DS after getting it. I'm still using it this year, for Dragon Quest VIII and Fire Emblem Echoes, when it comes out.

Wii U:

Bought one in late 2013, using it currently for Breath of the Wild (40 hours in two weeks). This is the most I've used the system since early last year, for Xenoblade Chronicles X.


I don't own one but will get one later this year, money allowing.

I play the 3DS mostly, but sometimes the WiiU, GB lite and GBMicro, switch is not used because I'm waiting on my devkit.

3DS - Own 1 XL Pikachu Edition. Previously owned original model. Still play it. Over 20 games
WiiU - Own 1 32GB Black Model. Still play it. Over 20 games.
Switch - Own 1. 2 games.