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I wouldn't say its the appeal, but games are starting to feel samey because everybody is doing the same thing.

Horizon is an absolute masterpiece. I love it. Have not given Zelda the time it deserves yet

Felt that way with Gen 7. World of Warcraft > all at the time plus plenty of console disappointments. Luckily Gen 8 is much funner.

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Nope. Today I couldn't decide between Horizon or ghost recon Wildlands so I said fuck it and went with rocket league with a different group of friends. Then joined my other buddy for some battlefront.

Tomorrow I'm in the mood for battlefield 4 and rainbow 6. I'll try get in Horizon too.

And I really need to get back on cod4, BF1, watch dogs 2 and gta V.

Basically more games I like to play then I have time to play them. I've never been happier.

Best thing I would say is just to take the plunge into one of them and see how it goes. I'd personally probably Breath of the Wild, as it is head and shoulders above the rest.

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love stylish action games so Nier Automata is the only one i'm interested 

It happens. It's normal. It's called getting older.

I will give Nintendo credit in the sense that the Switch is really good for this, it's really easy to pick it up and just play anywhere, there's a certain joy to that. Together with Zelda it's a good combo.

Not for me. I was laughing and smiling while playing Hitman today. Even saved a funny clip. I get the sentiment though. There have been various points where I've dealt with a sense of ennui by temporarily playing a lot less, or not at all.

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