Is Breath of the Wild really that good?

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From the one person I know IRL playing the game, apparently no. I'll get to see for myself tomorrow night, No work atm so I should be able to pull an all nighter and if it grabs me I'ma take a second hand wii U.


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Youre asking huge Nintendo fans on how good Breath of the wild is. You're not exactly gonna get honest answers lol

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I think it is amazing, but you need sense of adventure and wonder, as long as you have those it should be great. I feel Witcher 3 is actually underrated and should be a bit higher in 95 region. So take that as you will, I also very much enjoy almost all sandbox games minus GTAIV. 

However, do not get the Switch if this is all you plan on really playing. It will tie your excitement of a game to a console.


tivec said:

Based on reviews score it's 98 (honestly I haven't seen such high score since I remember) but players gave it only 78. 
I can't decide if I should buy Switch but seeing this score I guess I should but console for this game only.

So I am asking you. What are your opinions on Breath of the Wild (even if you did not finish game yet). Is this game worth buy console for?

lol look at the negative reviews, this game is being trolled unlike any in recent times. I thought it'd let up but it's still dropping.

As someone who never really cared for Zelda (Wind Waker is the only one I truly loved,) absolutely.

But to be fair, if you care a lot about things like framerate issues, you'll probably be bummed, and I def wouldn't cough out $300 for a new console unless you REALLY want to play it.

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It is a good game, I would give a score of 90/100 so far after over 20 hours of gameplay (8 hearts, just reached the first village after entering Hyrule castle and exploring half of the map). It has flaws (no heart pieces, no signature Zelda Items, no Metroidvania style gameplay, almost no music,  bad, inconvenient menus with low usability, weapon durability, cooking, framerate / slowdown, low texture quality, high difficulty, simple mini dungeons that can take half an hour just to solve a single crazy puzzle, simple single button mashing combat with not much need for the advanced features, stealth elements) but you get used to it.

It is getting better the longer you play.

I just want to know if it's worth getting the game for me -- someone who just can never get into Zelda games. As a huge fan of melee based combat action-adventure games (like the Souls series) and puzzle games, I feel like I should enjoy Zelda games. But in practice, I never do.

I forced myself to get through Ocarina of Time, and it took approximately six playthroughs for me to finally beat it because everyone was yelling at me to appreciate it. Retrospectively, the only part of Ocarina of Time I enjoyed was Spirit Temple (which was fantastic, though the boss was really dumb and unfun).

I could never really get into Majora's Mask or Twilight Princess, though I did enjoy Majora's Mask's aesthetic. I adored the visuals of Wind Waker and really loved the idea of sailing, but when it came to the game itself, I couldn't stay interested. And I never tried Skyward Sword.

The only Zelda game that I can say I genuinely really liked was Link to the Past -- even though I never beat it myself. I just got halfway through.

So, I guess what I'm trying to get at is this: is BotW worth it for someone who's not a Zelda fan? Keep in mind, I adore Souls and Portal and adventure/puzzle games, I like (but don't love) Skyrim, and I adored Fallout: New Vegas due to its phenomenal sense of humor and great writing. Interesting stories, good writing, and compelling visual design are an important piece of motivation for me in video games, because I often can't get by on "just gameplay" alone -- unless it's Civilization, Project DIVA, Pokémon, or any Blizzard game.

So, I have three big questions:

1. How compelling is the story?
2. How good are the bosses? Zelda usually has terrible bosses, but if they are exciting, I will be convinced. They don't have to be the level of quality of say, Martyr Logarius, Artorius, Sif, Abyss Watchers, or Gehrman, but I want them to be something I look forward to.
3. Is the weapon durability system actually fun?

I watched the speedrun last night. It doesnt seem like the zelda that i knw (i only played alttp, albw, mm, & oot). Botw is kinda like FF15 to ff series, except it's very well polished

It is not a Zelda game at all gameplay-wise, more a simplified mixture of Skyrim and Dark Souls with Zelda characters in a colorful Zelda-Themed world with physics based riddles and lots of freedom.

I hate Dark Souls but after dying over 100 times in BOTW already, maybe I should give it another try. But Zelda is much easier. The combat offers a lot advanced features but mashing the attack button is mostly enough, even in the final area of the game.

Update: 10 hours later, I still did not start the story in the first Village but the first part was wrong. But the Zelda-type gameplay is hidden and spread all over the world.

I don't think it's worth buying the console just to play this game. The game is good but I think it's falling short of all the rave reviews it got. I'm only a few hours in so it could get better (or worse).

If you're happy in getting the console, and keeping it for the next few years, then why not purchase it now and you can see what all the fuss is about. However, I don't think it's worth buying the console just to experience this game.