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I think it maybe the time too right now is happening a major tournament of cs go and streamers as Lirik is offline but anyway it is normal the views fall as the hype is ending.


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The launch wasn't very well done. After people finish Zelda, things are gonna get very slow until Splatoon 2 launches and meh sales in between major releases.

They really should've waited to launch this in the holidays. They would've been able to get more games at launch and to actually allow for some time between announcement and release to get people interested in the Switch.

Very quite? What does that mean? Kinda need to finish that sentence, no?

As for twitch... yeah, I wouldn't base the success, or lack thereof, of a new console on some random video website.

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Yes it feels very quiet to me also.

Did you expect something on the level of Pokémon Go?

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I live in the UK, and you wouldn't even think a new console just launched :/

I don't want it to be true, but I smell another Wii-U (At least here in England).

Twitch probably isn't the most reliable place to gauge the popularity of a Nintendo product.

But if the launch is a bit quieter than what we're use to thats fine. First and foremost they're getting their core audience on board. On top of that they're spreading out the momentum pretty evenly with a flagship game release pretty much every month. Secondly avoiding hardware releases is perfect for them, actual sales >>> forum/twitch buzz.

My sister just went out to buy one and they were all sold out (London).

the only numbers we will get is from Japan next week. Besides that, we will be waiting for shipment numbers, which we should get next month or early May perhaps. That is unless they have numbers to brag about, which I don't think seems likely.

as for the excitement, it was to be expected really. the only game worth buying the system for is a long known about cross gen game, and the excitement just surrounds that game rather than the overall system itself. Compared to say PS4, where people were hyped for the system launch itself, and the fact Knack was shit and Killzone completely average didn't matter.

Looking at the launch lineup and features, it seems possible that Nintendo won't be too worried, as I think they may have wanted to just get the console out early in the year and let everything just build towards the holidays. I think they have paced big releases this year out well and the system should do decently until the holidays, when I think Nintendo really will start pushing it

Well, I watched a bit of a BotW stream yesterday. Only a bit - not that I was avoiding story spoilers, but it definitely seems like one of those games that is fun to play but boring to watch. Maybe that's why streaming is dying fast for it?

RolStoppable said:
Did you expect something on the level of Pokémon Go?

maybe he expected something like this

ps4 launch