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    Irrelevant story (but funny nonetheless)

    I recall swinging the DSi charger around for no reason, and managed to hit my friend in the head and give him a scar :^) oopsie

    Guess Nintendo is providing a weapon against the PC master race :p

    I like the review though. Far from biased, and shows both the good and bad of the console/handheld.

    cool, now take it apart and see what's underneath

    Some of those quality aspects will be sorted soon I'm sure. First editions of consoles are often a bit crap. They are trying to build up launchstock quickly and things can suffer.

    The Switch does seem in a beta state but I'm sure both the software and hardware quality will improve.

    I don't think its fair to criticise the lack of software available. Surely every one knew that. It has one absolutely amazing game and a lot of filler games.

    It re-affirms my believe that I simply wouldn't use the Switch at this point. I've got Zelda coming for wii u and simply have no use for Switch until Mario Odyssey ships which is the first title I would want to buy.



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    I still see modular controller design as smart engineering. It hasn't been implemented that well in other smart devices.

    NATO said:

    Why the fuck do companies insist on charging the same for digital as they do for physical?, there is no physical media to make, no boxes to ship, no logistics, no shipping manifests and no manuals to print, so why in the shit do companies still feel like they should charge the exact same for digital-only titles as they do for physical? digital games should launch at, *AT LEAST* $5 less than their physical retail counterpart.

    It's so they don't piss off retail shops by undercutting them... BotW is 70€ in the eShop!!!

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    Thanks, I found that informative and relatable.

    A nicely put review of the system itself... shame about the build quality, something like that is a huge concern to me, hopefully by the time I buy one they'll have addressed it and improved the quality lol... then again it won't make a huge difference to me, since I plan on playing it docked for the most part.

    Nice review, hopefully the Wifi and SD card issues isn't for all systems

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    One thing I want to note is thats its pretty easy to knock over when using the kickstand.

    The one video was a bit exaggerated but its still a legit issue.

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