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What would you choose?

Option 1 48 54.55%
Option 2 40 45.45%

If you had to choose between these two options, which would you go with?


Option 1

You can play new games on day 1, but when the game becomes 10 years old, you can never play it again. So for example after this year you can never play games like Mass Effect 1, Super Mario Galaxy, COD4, Bioshock, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune or any other game made in 2007 ever again. No more retro gaming.


Option 2

You can play every game made, but it has to be 10 years old before you can. So every game made up to March 2007 you can play now, but games like Zelda BOTW you cant play until March 3rd 2027. This pretty much also means no online gaming for you.

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Option 1. You could still play a lot of games in 10 years.

I would like to say though.... Thank God this isn't a thing.

Just remaster the games every 10 years XD

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Option 1. The only old games I play are games I've already played in the past and loved. I couldn't deal with only being able to play 10+ year old games.

Option 1.

Option 2 will be very bad for online multiplayer games. And you want to play what everyone is playing currently.

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Easy option 1. I've played enough Gothic anyway.

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I'm already following option 2 in some ways.

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Option 2, no contest. I don't really have a problem waiting for games. I don't care about spoilers or online multiplayer (unless it makes trophies unattainable *shakes fist*) and like buying games at much lower prices than they are day 1.

Plus that's the only option that would let me keep playing good FF games over and over again. Been awhile since I last played 9 but since I got the Steam version now that's definitely going to have to be done soon, couldn't do that with option 1.

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Option 2 sounds great. I'd have an absurd amount of awesome games to play whenever I want for free, and some of those games still have working online communities to this day. Not that I care much about those, but still. xD

I don't mind waiting a huge amount of time to play games, I've done that regulary. Plus I like to revisit certain games, and I wouldn't want that privilege to be taken from me.

Option 2 sounds reasonable, my retro backlog is already big enough as it is.

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