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About once a year, I give in and decide to make a thread. It's about that time of the year, so......

Like the title says, what are the last three games you played and how would you rate/recommend them? 2017 has just begun and even though my backlog is bigger than ever and the list of games to pick up this year is going to be enormous, it'd still be fun to hear what everyone is playing and get some ideas about hidden (or not so hidden) gems we might have missed out on. 

My last played - 

1.) Currently playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Wii) - Engrossing, creepy atmosphere. Good storyline. Incredible visuals and level design. Decent controls and gameplay. Second time through and it's just as good the second time. This entire trilogy is one of my gaming life highlights. Highly Recommended.

2.) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PS4) - I've only had the desire or patience to platinum two games: this and Hotline Miami. I adore this game. Stylish, psychedelic visuals, captivating story, addictive gameplay, killer soundtrack. It's set in the late 80s/early 90s and you get to kill everything in sight. Recipe for success! Highly recommended. 

3.) Startropics 2 (NES) - I had a long list of classic games that I never beat and this was one of them. Lots of fun and brutally difficult, like many NES games. The controls are a bit wonky and many deaths are cheap as hell, but that's part of the charm. Only recommend if you enjoy retro games and like a challenge. 

Looking forward to hearing your gaming anecdotes, peeps. 

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

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Current: Tales of Berseria.
1)Fate Stay night/Extra/Extella. Combat is fun, characters are nice and different.
2)Final Fantasy 15.
3)World of Final Fantasy.

Yes to all 4. As of now Tales of Berseria is runner up to game of the year (behind Persona 5).
World of FF is game of the year last year. FF15 is the runner up to last year.

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Last 3 games I Completed

Recore (PC) - very fresh platforming puzzles, some of the best in recent history with an enjoyable story, recommend

The Dwarves (PC) - Hard little game, very niche but the story was great but its certainly not for everyone, its a narrated story about a dwarf going on a grand quest I would recommend people to look into the game and judge for themselves if they are interested.

DragonBall Xenoverse 2 (PS4) - So I won this game and it was "allright" but I also played the first one and this was almost like a GOTY edition with some extra stuff but in the end was way to simulair and the gameplay got very very repetative, not recommended

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Resident Evil 7 - Recommend if you like survival horror

Witcher 3 - Recommend if you can stand a lot of fetch quests and enjoy complex choice driven stories

X-Com 2 - Recommend if you enjoy strategy games

I do recommend the actual last 3 games i completed (one of which im still playing...):

Axiom Verge
Super Meat Boy

All indies. None new. I never played them when they came out, got them on sale last month for ps4. All great. I seriously never thought Guacamelee would be that much fun.

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Digimon Cyber Sleuth.

Simple question. Do you like Persona or SMT? If the answer is yes to either then get the game. I don't know jack shit about Digimon but it's still a great game! (Same goes for Tokyo Mirage Sessions if you have a Wii u)

Wild Guns Reloaded

Remake of a SNES game in SNES like visuals. More characters and stages. If you play this game alone you are one brave person. Play with friends. Hard as hell but damn fun old school shooter.

Earth's Dawn

Have you ever wanted Gears of War in your Odin Sphere? If you have pick this up. Not as good as a Vanillaware game but is a pretty fun facsimile. Vanillaware like art and gameplay. WIth a GoW like setting and characters.

1. Mighty No. 9- No. Best Buy had a new copy of it going for $6. Regret buying it.

2. Super Mario 3D World- Yes. Simple as that. It's another mario game i'll never forget.

3. Madden 17- I know nothing about football, but this game is pretty decent. Gotta admit; avoiding online makes EA games much more enjoyable

Do mobile games count..?



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Kane and Lynch (X360) - yes.
Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) - yes.
Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) - yes.

1. ) Va-11 Hall-A (PC) - Interesting cyberpunk setting with well integrated world building mixed with interesting character studies and a wide variety of unique characters that you serve at the bar. Also an interesting non-linear progression system that changes dialogue depending on drinks you give or alcohol supplied. Recently finished and my only gripe is that I wish I didn't have to play through the entire game again for extra endings or conversations. Oh yeah and the music kicks ass too. Would recommend to those interested in an enticing and unique visual novel.

2. ) Currently Playing: Resident Evil 4 (Wii) - Most people know about this game and I'm a bit late to the party :p. Enjoyable third person shooter with interesting mechanics and a campy but fun story. Boss fights are cool and it's fun to approach areas in a methodical way to get through whilst maintaining the most health. Only about 4 hours in so my thoughts aren't finalized.

3. ) No More Heroes (Wii) - A niche hack and slash with over the top violence and vulgarity. Gameplay was simple but I had fun with it for the most part, though some of the motion controls were gimmicky. The boss fights are ridiculous and some of the best parts of the game and the soundtrack has some nice highlights as well. The characters, while not all that likeable, are quirky and interesting and it's always a joy to watch them interact. If you find a cheap copy and don't mind your games somewhat tedious with some Suda51 bullshit, I'd say go for it.