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Forums - Sony Discussion - Horizon: Zero Dawn Review Thread - MC: 89 / GR: 88.82%

87 meta.

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I will say 87.The game will be excellent, but I dont know, I feel like the story will be put in as a second thought and will suffer for it.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.



The PS5 Exists. 



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My prediction is 83 . I think the story will be ok, but will hold back higher score slightly. But still will be amazing game and 80+ score would be very good for new IP and genre for guerilla games.


I'm gonna go with 83. Reviewers have been harsh lately and Guerilla Games, while being great devs, haven't really given us a masterpiece for me to expect 94ish scores

91% they are that confident so i think it will be 90+game

i can see it now.

Ploygon: 65/10 the writing is horrible. for example it has "Sony Interactive Entertainment" written on it