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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Dbrand Skins [Update will release 4/20/18]

[Update] After a unfortunate incident causing Dbrand to cancel their Switch skins due to adhesive problems, Dbrand will finally be bringing their skins to the Nintendo Switch April 20th 2018!



These look unreal!


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That would really fit in with a room that has a granite finish to it.

This is some good stuff.

Me likey.

Well, this is new.


Pretty neat! Definitely like some of the designs

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Hey, this is nice! Loving the carbon fiber texture. Gonna have to order a kit eventually. Thanks for sharing!

The wood and stone textures are actually pretty cool looking. Wouldn't go with anything I own but they do look neat. I imagine skins could become a big thing with the Switch

Wait. I dont get what this is.

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Jranation said:
Wait. I dont get what this is.

They are vinyl stickers for Switch and the dock.
That site allows you to customize colours/patterns.

I saw it a couple weeks ago. Really liked it but seems a bit expensive for the whole pack.

Adhesive decals on Matte plastic? Yeah no thanks.

There have been console decals for as far back as I can remember, even on ps1, and I still think now what I did back then, decals on consoles look tacky as fuck.