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Nioh comes to PS4 this week. Xbone gets Fallout Shelter for free and is Play Anywhere. PC getting some RPG love and Mobius Final Fantasy! Wave 7.5 of Lego Dimensions releases to coincide with the Lego Batman Movie.


Game Release Date
How to Survive 2 - PS4 2/6/17
So Many Me - PS4 2/6/17
8DAYS - PS4 2/7/17
Kitty Powers Matchmaker - PS4 2/7/17
Nioh - PS4 2/7/17
The Onion Knights - PS4 2/7/17
Ping Pong VR - PS4 VR 2/7/17
Super Gunworld 2 - PS4 2/7/17
Uncanny Valley - PS4/Vita (Cross Buy) 2/7/17
LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack - LEGO Dimensions 2/10/17

Game Release Date
8DAYS - XB1 2/7/17
Fallout Shelter - XB1 2/7/17
Pix the Cat - XB1 2/8/17
Crypt of the NecroDancer - XB1 2/10/17
LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack - LEGO Dimensions 2/10/17
Spheroids - XB1 2/10/17
Uncanny Valley - XB1 2/10/17

Game Release Date
Planetera - Wii U/3DS 2/9/17
Y.A.S.G - Wii U 2/9/17
LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack - LEGO Dimensions 2/10/17

Game Release Date
Mobius Final Fantasy 2/6/17
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book 2/7/17
Fallout Shelter - (Play Anywhere)
Nights of Azure 2/7/17
WWE 2K17 2/7/17


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Only Nioh for me.

I've got Nioh pre ordered.

Nothing for me, but hoping to see something go on sale, whether it's retail or digitally..

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Damn wish I could play Nioh but my backlog is currently huge from missing so many games already.

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PC gets all the games which were formerly only on Playstation or mobile. Gotta assimilate them all.

Nioh!!! Nothing else matters.


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