Would you go to war for your country?

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Would you?

Of course I will 41 11.75%
Only if I think the cause is very good 79 22.64%
Probably not 70 20.06%
Never 159 45.56%

Reddit has made this map based on a Gallup poll around Europe, in it you can see an aproximation of the percentage of people that would go to war for their countries in case of conflict


I found this results interesting, doesn't seem like that many europeans would do it, yet for some reason in some specific countries (Finland wtf?) things are totally opposite, but the thing is, would you do it? Will you risk your life for your country in case of conflict? Why? 

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No because of Politicians are sitting and laughing while people here are dying of hunger,and if some shit went down they would escape and people would be left.
So no and in a shithole where i live i would be glad to leave tbh.

Nope, can't stand the UK and I definitely don't give a flying **** for this **** country.

*shakes fist at ancestors*

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The poll results is not surprising since most country in EU are developed country and politicaly stable so most ppl in EU just didn't care much about war. It would be a different story if the poll is held in Africa or Middle East.

To answer your question, no. In my country (Indonesia) there are so many riot but I don't give a **** about that

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Versus_Evil said:
Nope, can't stand the UK and I definitely don't give a flying fuck for this wank country.

*shakes first at ancestors*

Woah... no need for that. UK is awesome.

As for going to war for a country, not unless my family were directly at risk and when I say at risk I mean people in the street with guns, otherwise no chance. 

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lol no

for my family most definitely.

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Never. All standing army should be break up.

No. Whether it be Trump or Obama -whether I agreed with where this country was headed or not, I would not fight for this country. I don't care for war. And I've never been nationalistic as an American. For all I care this country could fall apart and die. I've always had more nationalism for countries I'm not a part of though, like Australia!

I love my country but I hate its government so i would not even question myself in case of conflict if they ask me, I would not fight for this government reasons, however if there was a really good cause for the war, like an invasion or something, I would have some conflicts saying a definitive no, is my home and at the end of the day someone has to defend it if something terrible happens, so I don't really know, but most wars look unworthy to me anyways, many wars are just an excuse for rich people to win more money.

No, I'm not a tool for the rich.

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