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What would make you buy the switch?

Super Mario 6 5.94%
Zelda 35 34.65%
Pokemon 16 15.84%
Animal Crossing 1 0.99%
Fire Emblem 2 1.98%
Xenoblade 8 7.92%
Metroid 14 13.86%
Monster Hunter 6 5.94%
There is no game that could get me to buy it 7 6.93%
Other (Please State Below) 6 5.94%

What is the main series game franchise that would get you to buy the Nintendo Switch.

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SSB5 with free online for it


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Please. It's been 10 years since we got a decent game.

Splatoon 2.

Monster hunter

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It's called "at least 5 games I want"


Well, this is new.


Final fantasy 7 remake if they made it exclusive to nintendo in a alternate reality, gladly i dont need to buy another console for it in this reality.


None. I'd need at least 5 games.

Assuming there was an actual backlog? Bayonetta 3.

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The 8th gen Pokemon game. But considering online is behind a paywall now, I doubt I'll be able to complete the dex anymore. :(

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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