Did Nintendo just jack up their image with the presentation?

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Did the presentation hurt the marketing and hype established by the reveal?

Yes 50 56.82%
No 25 28.41%
See results 13 14.77%


the reveal seemed like they were pushing an electronics device. the conference made it seem more like some toy.

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You dont understand how marketing works, kids thinks thats cool what young people (20-30 years) think its cool, so basically having young people in marketing instead of kids Nintendo is aiming at kids and adults in same time.

Also most of people (especially kids and casuals didn't watch presentation), but they will of course be very soon aware of Switch marketing campaign.

They know which demographic they should target, but they still don't know what games this demographic cares about :p

Well, at least with 1,2 Switch

The other big games they announced are all exciting so I think they are slowly learning :p

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I dont think it hurt the hype, it just set people expectations back on check.The ones that were really hurt is the really hardcore gamers, that were following every single rumor and being carried by it, with the constant promises that the Switch first year would be the second comming of Jesus.So taking that out, I really think the hype is just about the same, just going a little bit more careful with it, mostly due to Nintendo not showing everything(online, UI, etc)

well its the TV campaigne that will really push the console, especailly when the SMO adverts and BOtW adverts start dropping on TV. Only forum dwellers and hardcore ninty fans watched that presentation, but judging by comment alot more watched the reveal.

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ICStats said:

The Suda51 dude's translation was top.

Hey, Nintendo switch is really great for indie developers, so I'm here on stage with nothing to show but to announce I'm working on a title that takes advantage of how great it is for indie developers. It's some kind of wrestling game. Please be excited. Bye!

Ha ha. :) I didn't actually see that, but had heard there were times when the translation was a bit iffy.

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