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Yes! That's what I'll say it will be interesting to see though.

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I think it will be fairly close, but the Wii will beat it. Unless the PS3 gets a decent spike in Japan, which I don't see as very likely.

Don't see a slimline PS3 or a Final Fantasy launching this week in Japan.

Statistically, it will be within 10% of each other WW.

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when do the japanese numbers come out!? can some one give me an estimated time!? like 24 hours from now, or 12 or 6 or something? tell me in hours cos if you say tomorow and your from any country other then australia I wont know what you mean cos of the different time zones!

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Wii will obviously win in Japan this week by a considerable margin which means it'll also lead in WW sales.

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I think Wii will scrape by, by maybe 5K. It's really a moot point though since the Wii is sold out in the US, and perhaps parts of Europe. If there was stock this week, it wouldn't be a contest at all.

Obviously the Wii, it consistently beats PS3 in Japan by 30-40k per week

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Wii no question.

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when Japan's Data comes up, the wii would win this week

What's funny is that this is the Wii's down week, and yet it still manages to beat the PS3 on possibly its best (non holiday) week ever. Case in point, It's doubtful that the PS3 will ever beat Wii worldwide short of some severe supply shortages for Wii.