Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Nintendo switch event was a trainwreck

What where your thoughts on the event?

Agreed, it was just awful 151 45.62%
It was ok, not great but ok 116 35.05%
How can you not be hyped?... 64 19.34%

Very disappointed in Nintendo. 299$ launch price, no hardware specs, paid online, launch lineup of 4 games (that's what I saw I think, Zelda and Skyrim, as well as that arm game and whatever), no 3rd parties we don't already know of, awful gimmicks, and so much wrong with how they showed this. I had faith in October things would go well, but I am definently not getting a switch at this point unless things change. Damn, how a one hour presentation could turn me off so badly. I'll post my full thoughts tomorrow, but wow... mediocre showing from Nintendo.

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Launch window does seem kinda wonky ...

Zelda, Skyrim (?), Arms, 1/2 Switch, and ....?

Doesn't seem to be a lot of developer support at least initially. 

If $300 is too much for you then just wait for the price to go down or wait for an attractive bundle.

Yeah is more to be revealed through the tree house event or what?

This is what people rightly said after the initial reveal. If there is bad news, like the price, battery life and paid online, get that out early so people can come to terms with it, and then focus harder on the games at the show. The compliment sandwich technique.

They wasted 10 mins on bad news at their conference

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Paid online is the biggest shit I don't like about it.

Nintendo's two biggest games that I play each generation is MK and SSB. Both of which is extremely reliant on multiplayer...

I am really having second thoughts about buying the Switch anytime soon


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If it's paid online for a decent service, I'm ok with that, but I'm not paying for online if its crap.

Paid Online MP killed it for me a bit.

The realization that I will more than likely never play online MP again on consoles is really depressing....but at least they have a share feature which is nice.


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I knew as soon as the event ended there'd be a few threads like this

Presentation felt pretty outdated as well. Say what you want about Iwata but at least he made things interesting. Very lackluster overall. I went from hyped to meh at this point. Price point for the hardware assumedly being provided is too high. Motion controls should not have been given that much highlight. I mean what is this, 2006.

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