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axumblade said:
I miss Smeagsy poo :(

This one by far. Trasharm, Twesterm, Montana (The Mod Mode of him) also to name a few. 


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The Ghost of Rubang B

Edit: also TWRoO, TalonMan, Khuutra and elgefe02

Special mentions:

fkusumot - watchmaker ( ), tag maker ( ) and arguably the most interesting VGC member ever

Gballzack - best VGC troll up to now

tokilamockingbrd said:

Bodhedshava(spelling may be off), DmeisterJ and Zucas

honorary mention for VGCs 1st mega troll. Gballzack.


edit- Who was that guy back in like 07 and 08 who was treated like an oracle because he was like the only one that called the Wii taking off like it did, it was like John_Lucas or something like that

Bohdedhsava. He ran a very unsuccessful rooster farm after he left. In a fight with his cousin about chicken-to-rooster ratio, he killed several workers with an anvil.

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Smeags and Skullwaker... T_T I remember I used to post shiba pics on Smeags's wall, and Skull was just a cool guy.



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Jay and seece. Both great contributors to the site too.

Tachi. Sharp humor + piercing honesty. Went out without pulling em punches and dropped her star High Noon style.

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Speaking of Jaywood, did he ever launch that site?

Seeing some names I recognize here hurts a lot. Didn't realize Seece and RGE left. Jaywood's ban lead to the chain of events that made me pretty much leave this site.

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